Monday, February 27, 2006

the treasure trove of santee alley!

well, i have done plenty of wholesale shopping in my life, most of it in NYC, for 9th Life, my old shop in baltimore..which is now in the capable hands of domino Ida...but i was still dizzy after an hour of navigating the downtown LA district.

Lauren, lil' Ava & I set out to find the mythical santee alley. Of course we forgot our maps, not that we needed them to find downtown, but we didn't really know where the alley was--i first heard about it from Ali & Sarah, my partners-in-crime that worked the depeche mode & eagles shows w/me.

of course we found the alley & went a little crazy, Ava was amazingly patient for a 2 year old & afterward we went to sushi in Little Toyko. we parked right by the Japanese 1.50 store and i think i spent more there than the wholesale district. another great day in downtown LA.

Lorraine & Malena, we are going to make a trip soon, ok?!

tonight a bunch of roadie girl buddies are going to Katsu-ya. mmmmmmmm
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