Wednesday, February 01, 2006

hollywood assistant, part two

last few days, have been running solid.
my illustrious boss is in town to do movie meetings
and sushi dinners & so on & so forth, and i have been
there to take the occasional note & drive the distance.
the paramount lot gate guys now know me by name...

today we were at the G4 tv studios, to film live segment
interviewing Neil about anansi boys & his new projects.
nice guys over there, it was a real field trip for me.
quote of the day: the nerds have really won, they took over
the film world...

@5:30 am this morning, the oscar nominations were announced &
i was so happy to see terrence howard get a nod for "hustle & flow".
he was just brilliant in "crash". so i was especially fan-girl-esque
tonight when i was returning neil to the 4 seasons---
we were valeting the car as mr. howard was arriving. when he got out
of the car, & i saw it was him, couldn't help but wave & say "congratulations!" to him--
he smiled at me w/ a sweet lil' shrug & said "thanks...i know!" and then
did a sweetheart dance on the way in to the lobby.
it was a goofy hollywood moment, but i swear, that guy is going to be a huge star.
while i do think p.seymour hoffman will take the oscar---darling! it is great to be nominated...

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Mark said...

Thanks for all the help.