Friday, February 17, 2006

comic books, psychic readings & driving in downtown

been lovely busy the last few days, had to organize my tax bits & pieces, went & met my new lady of the numbers, she is in north hollywood. She had all manner of entertainment tricky ins & outs, much relief for this perdiem queen--

Right after our meeting, I went to that most unusual & alien of landscapes, the middle school, to pick up Aneeka, Malena's daughter. She and i goofed around, she taught me how to skateboard & i checked her Egyptian homework. When Malena got home, we went straight into some concentrated girl time, and lit a little candle-on-cheesecake to celebrate Lorraine's b-day. Miles gave me the Frank Frazetta movie & Malena crocheted me a touk!then we consulted the cards and the tiger fairy of topanga canyon dropped by to grant our every wish. i DO love woodland hills.

today, Mimi Ko, photographer & future NYer, came by to meet prince Batman and take me to see the history of comics exhibit @ MOCA. Since we didn't leave the treehouse 'til about 4 pm, we took surface roads, (the secret weapon of LA) cutting through Koreatown.
Had such a good time, felt like we were in another city completely, LA's downtown is really a surprise every time. So many wedding gowns! Mimi showed me the Bradbury bldg, where BLADERUNNER was filmed, and we climbed "angel flight" up to the museum. The exhibit was breathtaking, Will Eisner was far and away my favorite work shown, with young Chris Ware coming in second. Seeing the work close up with the markings and editor notes, white-out and erasure marks was deeply inspiring and we came back to the treehouse, drank some of Mimi's gift tea & talked our heads off. I can't quite believe it has been 5 years since i was in art school...

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