Friday, February 03, 2006

daleks, tardis & grampa munster

'tis a fine night here in the heart of the mid-west & my ibook just tossed my super-long entry into space, so i have to re-create & no, i am not bitter, just feeling a little put out.
probably for the best, as i wasn't feeling the words flow like they really should do.

been on a steady diet of Dr. Who since i have been here at the Gaiman family mansion, watched both the very first episode, which was grand & also what i am to understand is the last one, with the newest doc, who i recall seeing in the harry potter films... good news: i like him alot. nothing like attacking christmas trees & that rose is pretty hot. our guide neil also screened lots of in-between episodes & the brilliant series "little britain" which should be required viewing.

ok, what else happened? i landed @ msp airport & spent the night @ my aunt & uncle's home. i haven't seen them in so long, and we had a wonderful visit. they brought me the hour-plus drive out here to wisconsin the next day, rolling through my requested snow flurries.

the fabulous lorraine & i wasted no time in catching up & went to the (maul) mall of america, this amazingLy strange place where shopping mall meets amusement park.
only once will i visit this place, & only to see the giant hammer ride (i think it was thor's mjollanar) Lolo let me drive her new prius because of some mysterious wounds she has suffered, broken toe & sprained finger. We met up with one of my favorite couples, bill & sharon, the hot bird chick & her genius husband. Bill installed final draft 6 on my laptop & i was so happy i could cry. *cries* trade, i shall send him all the rest of the porn stash that i found while dumpster diving in vivid video's storage trash bin. (and YES, my submission was published in new issue of Dirty FOUND, i feel just like john candy in "splash")
we talked about grampa munster & this was the day before we found out he died, r.i.p Al Lewis. ....uncanny xmen, indeed--- & a happy belated b-day to mister Bill, wish he'd join myspace & make goofball comments with me.

the next day, we all went for a long walk in the woods, with 2 of the cats, fred & princess, following along, charming me completely while racing around in the snow. yes, i saw deer tracks. miss city mouse goes to the country, for real.

will add photos later, this thing may quit again. meanwhile, i got my cell phone wet & damn if he didn't die from drowning-- i guess now am really in the country...
more later & oh! i finally got to see what the daleks look like on the inside, sweet!

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ps hey Baltimore, i am hoping to be on work break for BALTICON '06 & so i scheduled to be there-MAY 26-29, Neil is guest of honor & L'aM is musical guest!! Hurray!

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