Thursday, November 29, 2007


am in Canada, woke up this morning at six am to an amazing view of evergreens & snowfall, mountains & ice. we crossed the border and lost a few of our guys to the new laws governing entrance, and so we have a few Canadian pitch hitters (pinch hitters? can’t be sure of the terminology, at ths point) Our few left-behind guys will simply have a week off and sit in a hotel room, awaiting our return to collect them. This happens alot more these days, as the US border tightened up, other countries responded in kind.

When we arrived in Saskatoon, it was 6*F and no kidding, the winds were knife-like. It was so beautiful though, like an old fifties movie on those snowy streets. I was, as usual, in a bit of denial, so i didn’t bring a coat or snow boots or mittens. i do have my hat, though. I saw my sister over Thanksgiving, and she took me thrift-shopping in Denver. We drove around to a treasure house of a store, where prices are still sitting somewhere in the 1980’s. I found a fantastic made-in-Ireland wool catholic-school-girl type skirt, some toasty sweaters & a mohair scarf that looks like the pixies made it. still no coat, but i think it will be ok. It was so fun to see her in her new cozy house on the water, complete with geese.
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haven’t downloaded all my photos from Houston & British COlumbia & other points of interest, i will have to do some work tomorrow on the day off in Victoria. In Texas, I went to see the Lucy exhibit—did i write about her? They didn’t let me take any photos in that section there, but i was proud of Houston for presenting this exhibit, in this time of rampant creationism & elements of fear.
So instead took this photo for miss Red the lioness, one of her sisters...she has been banking the home fires, caring for my mister Batman & also, as it happens..... the ever-lovin' Spice Girls.
That lady-- she can do it all. thanks alot, my friend.
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I toured a very thorough gem display, i got shivers more than a few times of the beauty found in the rock.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Here is the view from our hotel there, the science museum, which i walked to from the hotel, also had a butterfly wing which you can see if you look up in the left corner of the photo, looks like a big cage, and butterflies of all species flew around my head..
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more soon, i am leaving out whole big parts of this tour, but i can't keep up lately.
Meanwhile, my radio is blowing up, people are calling, something is happening here on the Kelowna stage....let's go see.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Kitty back on the road...

we fly today to Austin to load in the show and start the winter tour,
i am almost packed and ready. It has been such a busy "break" in between Europe and this US/Canada run,,,,I will work on some past event blogs, such as the premiere night of Beowulf--hmmmmmmm! hello brad pitt & warren beatty--we were trying to convey to Maddy that warren was the brad pitt of his day
the week of rehearsals at Sony soundstages in Culver City was lots of running around, seeing some of my crew again, i think this short run will be easy and quite fun, as well as over quickly...the writer's guild was striking Sony heavily and i would always beep & chat with the writers--go union go!

I had to postpone my show at the Doll HOuse though, but think a spring show will be fine...will have time to take some more photos....
more soon, off to Austin.
please be in touch, all you all. will post dates on my calendar.

here is a photo i took from the plane from Athens to Istanbul..
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Saturday, November 03, 2007


I am still literally off-balance from this film-going experience. STUNNING!
Saw the rough cut in 2D with Neil a couple weeks ago in the Paramount screening room on the lot, and i was amazed by it then, by the way the story unfolds, by the way the characters became so real, by the way that my secret vision of how life was like in old Denmark came to life on screen--by the fact that I have a major crush on an animated character---*sigh.

However, seeing it in 3-D IMAX with the glasses and all at the press screening---
i could barely speak after viewing. This is a milestone. I was astonished, and can't get my mind off of it. A true new wave of technology has arrived. We all slugged through Beowulf in high school english class, and i must admit I have always had a strong affinity for the Scandinavian lands. The Viking life just appeals to my Irish roots. It's in my DNA. Ray Winestone is so powerful, Hopkins, Penn, but Crispin Glover takes the prize. His Grendel is a beautifully nuanced "monster", the poor guy just wanted a little peace & quiet!
i nominate him best supporting. and A. Jolie, she took the piece home. Beauty in the most dangerous form. The big premiere is on Monday. more soon.
all i can say, make the extra effort to see it in 3-D IMAX.
BEOWULF:take a look!