Friday, February 24, 2006

margaret cho vs. the supersuckers

this week was fairly non-stop, but great fun... met SHerri D for lunch at Home restuarant, where they seated us by the koi pond, these fish are gorgeous! I understand that they can live quite a long time, and for some reason, these fish here wanted to talk with us. ok, i guess they were just wanting some of my breakfast burrito...anyway, Sherri offered me a merch job on Unwritten Law, and i really couldn't go, fun as it would be, little punk rock tour, and i wish i could have, just to watch Sherri in action, herding a bunch of cats.

then went with Mimi to Largo to see the comedy night with Greg Proops, who does a hilarious talk show with different guests. Jon Brion, of kanye West/fiona apple fame played some music, and greg berendt from "sex & the city" was pretty perfect, his zingers about myspace. but you know i went to see miss Cho, & she delivered. her marriage seems to have mellowed her, and she is now sporting a trim figure, with a huge body-wrapping tattoo. she has gotten into bellydancing and is going to egypt for a big b-d convention...
plus, the fabulous Nicole C was serving drinks, that cocktail-hotty.

the next night the supersuckers were in town, playing the roxy so we met early over at that legendary rainbow for dinner, and yes lemmy was there, patiently enduring some drunk girl extolling the many virtues of "ace of spades". Dave was happy because he had just gotten a box of xxx dvds, and i said, "wha?! don't you get cable on the bus?" which cracked them up as they are touring by van...the show was great, rhino bucket opened up and i got to see brian forsythe, still the vision from kix days. i didn't realize what a big fan Eddie spaghetti was of kix, but they launched into "cool kids" and a long confessional of how they lifted riffs in tribute...

thursday Mimi and i went to the second half of the comic exhibit, this time @ the hammer in brentwood, first lunch @ sasabune, freshest sushi for big girl prices. i felt a little dizzy after that meal, and the artwork of milton caniff & winsor mcKay just seeped into me. truly, i Loved steve canyon, terry & the pirates was before my time, but man! what lines...
they ended the show with charles schultz, who is such a part of every kid's life by now, however i was able to look at his work differently, much less taken-for-granted. when we were little, my brother wrote to schultz and was so happy to receive a letter in return. a generous artist he was.

today, we conquer santee alley, the cheapy fashion district fiefdom, me, Lauren & baby Ava.

ps, i got a new LA cell phone, cause i really did drown mine at neil's, please send me your cell numbers, as i lost them all.

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