Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"wish you were here"

the time to doubt oneself is never a luxury to be afforded.

as virgil said "fortune favors the bold"--

shine on, you crazy diamond. i'll see you again very soon.

"worth a million in prizes"....

this week has been very iggy pop, very stooges.
can't seem to slow down & my to-do list is endless.

life is magic again and glitter dust trails are calling me.
we had a great meeting with a movie genius,
that is all i am going to say, except Eth & i both left
feeling like we were hit with star bolts. this thing is happening.
it will become a film. we are producers, and i am seeing it.

in other news, the world cup was killer today. Sweden tied in the 90th minute 2-2 UK.
i got shivers from my soccer fever. don't know what the brits were doing out there, but it was obvious they were stunned by the last minute upset. ol' becks is in the doghouse, i bet.

no time for photos, just felt it was in order to post on the solstice eve,
with grateful thanks to the universe for smiling on me and the workshop.
the spirits are holding my hand and kicking the stones from my path.
plus the lovely alex & mark decided that they want to buy 5 pieces of my art from my show.
sometimes you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.
and sometimes life is just love molecules and sushi.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

off this mortal coil, pierre & peter

in the last weeks, two people in my life realm have stepped off this plane of existence.
Peter Zahorecz & Pierre Pollin. two very different men, in 2 very different worlds.

Peter, i met in LA long before he moved to Baltimore, he was a renegade artist, with a
silent mission. i was at his wedding to Dee Dee, presided over by john waters himself...recall Peter's deep unshakeable love for his beautiful woman. he was so happy with her. how many times was i at the bookstores that he worked, countless. i don't even remember the name of the one by the thai place, it was closed down while i still lived in rehoboth beach, hadn't even yet moved back to baltimore...memories are tricky little sprites, they mix in and out. i remember being in san diego/LA with peter & cyn & jason, and when he moved to baltimore, seeing his first apartment. the sparkly streets fascinated cyn too. the west meets the east. Peter was skateboarding in london when he hit his head, he was 41. Dee Dee, i send you my love. and little Chelsea too.
Pierre, one my earliest memories, was when he & my aunt came back to america from france, bringing my cousin Maura to stay with me. we declared it our room and our rules, we were 4. decided to speak french, french toast, that is. i saw Pierre last year for the last time, and he still had that sparkle in his eye. i will pretend he went back to France to vacation near his grandkids & live near the sea. Maura, i miss you, my cousin. Wish i was there holding your hand.
live your life, everyone. be grateful each day for the small treasure that we possess.

Monday, June 12, 2006

dreamy art opening....

well, i don't think i could have planned a better evening,
it was starry & perfect. my deep thanks to everyone who
hauled themselves out on a sunday night into hollywood.
the whole event went beautifully & there were red "sold"
dots everywhere...!

as an artist, the most you can hope for is a little recognition
for what you produce, and i was so honored by the turn-out.
friends showed up from all corners. it was a very roadie reunion as
well, and rock-star heavy, nikki sixx bought one of my pieces, bless his metal heart. brian from kix even turned up & so many more... my thanks to malena & marguerite, ellen & nicole,
with a special shout out to mr. michael G for being the money manager...
i posted a few photos, more may turn up, but
here's a look:

Friday, June 09, 2006

"high-powered assistants"

last night, Marguerite & I went to a screening of a new movie @ the writer's guild, a very hollywood thing... it was promoted as a screening for "high-powered LA assistants". So we went & let me tell you, it was a big crowd of ambitious white people. pretty funny scene. the movie was ok, "devil wears prada" with meryl streep, who is always consistently good.

tonight i am off to work the merch booth @ the knitting factory on h'wood blvd, for the Rhino Bucket show, always a treat to see this band. looks like i may be going on their little fall tour where they will open up for KiX on the east coast run, going to get some details tonight from Georg, would love to do that, if only for the great photo opportunity..

here is one of the photos (looks like very low res, sorry) from my show going up on sunday @ evidence gallery,
a shot from our visit to elvis' home graceland while on the motley crue tour...