Sunday, February 19, 2006

ipods, ebay & sir alfred hitchcock

i have been reading an amazing biography of the great filmmaker Hitchcock.
never knew much about his personal life, but what a doll.

he was deeply devoted to his wife & partner Alma, they were a real love match.
she would call him "Hitchie".
he played practical jokes on many of his actors. he also used the british cockney trick of rhyming words, using "dogs feet" to say "pause"..Hitchcock was a master technician, precise & economical on his film sets. he storyboarded his own films and really attempted to edit within the camera, to keep complete control over his visions. I learned so much from his life story, written by an old friend of his, charlotte chandler.
last night i went on ebay and bought a box set of 34 of his best films, and am downloading many of his tv show episodes on my ipod, i remember seeing some of them when i was very little, his voice was so distinctive.
He was famous for telling his actors "remember it's only a mooo-vie"
i wish i could have worked with him, but he teaches me from the beyond the grave.

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