Saturday, December 26, 2009

a San Diego Christmas....

Drew happened to land in town on the Lady Gaga tour as her dates in LA coincided with the Christmas break.
I worked the shows as well. Amazing shows by a new bold talent...

SO he had only a half day off before the holiday, we rushed around, I had a little stress fit, he calmed me down, and we packed up the sleigh with presents...
We opened one present each before we went to San Diego... Drew picked my parent's Slanket:

Of all the years to not be back east, missing the gigantic snow & my family...doh!

However, Drew's family made me feel right at home.
Hi parents belong to a very liberal church and we went to a candle light Christmas Eve service,
complete with a manger re-inactment...We sang carols and Drew's voice in my ear was just beautiful.
It has been a tough year in many ways, losing our loved ones, and I shed a few tears when the choir was singing.
My Dad had warned me about going to church! I think even he would have approved of this service...

My brother Bill captured Drew's heart with his present, the tiny NanoFly RC UFO, here is a cute video, complete with Drew's Mom in the background, wondering about the dinner guest list...

Peggy & George opened their musician kitties sent from my parents in the snowed-in east:

Eli gets Mister Kitty:

Heather & Peg make delicious gingerbread:

Sean played Santa:

here is the moment he realized he got a matching Slanket!

honestly that child got so much loot, but he was So excited about this present, it was one thing he had actually asked for!
great job, M&D!!

meanwhile in the middle of the country,
my nieces open their easybake cupcake oven, something I always wanted, so I am living through them!!

there are more photos to upload, but i am being dragged away, Drew has to catch a plane to New Orleans, to rejoin the tour,
stay tuned!