Thursday, March 02, 2006

thrift shop find o'the week

i have been thrift shopping for many a moon, my Mom first took us when we were younger, and i never looked back. my sister & i LOVE to go together when i am home, we compare notes & our rule is, be honest, if you don't Really love it, put it back. so many of the stores in Baltimore are gone, or have moved, i have some of my favorite things from these haunted spots. A Danish modern chair,spent $11 bucks on (which seemed Very high priced at the time) that i have hauled back & forth across the country, a checkbook holder that i paid 99 cents for & have been using for 7 years, it is such beautiful old leather--so many things that you just can't find anymore, ebay & antiques roadshow certainly changed things.

the LA thrift shops are a different breed, loads of size 2 samples, great clothing, hardly worn things, tags still on. furniture, not so much, books can be good, not as many children's books here, which i do love to find, but it is no longer easy.
anyway, these miu miu/prada heels were a nice score, 3.99 @ the hollywood blvd goodwill.
what have you found lately, thrift shoppers?

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Mimi said...

Sweets, I like the layout on this better than the myspace blog, but I think more of your friends are frolicking over there than here. ;)


Kitty Cat said...

true dat. nobody even knows i have this, except you, mark & my sister!
hidden treasure?
ps i have done absolutely nothing to the myspace layout, it is as-is, as they say in thriftshop-ese.