Sunday, November 19, 2006

the ever-lovin' buslist

a big part of my job is stocking the crew & band buses with whatever they put on their bus list--within the limits of real time & space...& more importantly within the budget i am working with. every morning, whoever is appointed "bus mom" comes to me with their wish list of goods. on this tour, i have had some creative bus lists, they will write on any & every thing but paper it seems. here are a few of my favorites, from matchbooks, to jump drives, or on cardboard boxes, one was even frozen right into the freezer, complete with banana ornament (see more detail on the

and here is the winner of all buslist-makers with me, mister miller:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

been gone so long...

i almost forgot my way home.
haven't had time to do much besides work, so i am trying to catch up a two week break from tour was a rollercoster ride, almost too much to write was so good to see little Batman & he slept on me everynight, poor lonely little furball...
this leg of the tour is going very well, i have a different job title but am still looking after crew, doing this job without miss sarahfina is not the same, i miss her on a daily basis, the pretty polish princess...while i was home over the break, so much happened... went to C$'s birthday @ red rocks on sunset, haven't seen him in so long

also had my own 33rd birthday party. it turned out to be roadie central, and while lots of people were missing/out on tour, so many of my friends came out & honored my heart.

My girls took me out to sushi & treated me like a princess, then we went to the good luck bar & howled at the moon.

also during the break, i went to san diego, a city that has haunted me in the past & was able to put some ghosts to rest once & for all...went to the la brea tarpits & did some touristy hollywood blvd things when drew & sean came to visit me.
red & i went to the roger waters hollywood bowl show, they played the entire "dark side of the moon" set, it brought tears to my eyes. rabbit was in town with beck and i went to the show at the avalon, always good to see little miss rabbit...the viking got out of the hospital, i met his mom & dad all the way from iceland, he is doing much better now, there is some more surgery in his future, but he is far improved...also went to a hollywood audition with Misstress Malena, she was trying out to be miss horrorfest, an elvira-type horror hostess, she was amazing, i think the universe has big plans for our girl...
anyway, there are so many photos to post, i will borrow a bit from mimi & do a bunch of single photo posts, mini-slices from the road. that way i don't fall behind any further. here is a shot from last night's halloween show in dayton, ohio, as a police officer, i made rooster put his shoes on in the freezing venue, that nutty baby finster gangster...