Thursday, May 25, 2006

back from NYC...

...& what a beauty queen of a favorite ever.
everytime i pull up short on the streets of NY,
i am dazzled by the power & energy.
saw jozie east coast, & mimi too, miss melle came out & we all met @ dojo on st mark's & had a lovely time.
as always, thanks to Michael @ the Beauty Bar for his
hospitality. ida & i conquered the wholesale district & were
sad to see our favorite korean vendors have disappeared
without a trace...where? we do not know.
even so, it was a wonderful day.
before leaving for NYC, i attended the "Found & postsecret" talk put on by atomic books--
Davy from Found had some hilarious stories, and when i got my book signed,
i told him i was the one that sent in the big stash of porn for the last "dirty found" issue--
he said, "oh yes, we Loved that haul". (yes, go get it, i got three pages in.) "postsecret" is Frank's project, he invites people to send in their secrets on 4X6 postcards, drawn out in any way they see fit. some chilling secrets, so sad, but also very funny ones as well.
they are bringing their tour to CA, check it out if you can...

now i am in the convention hotel, waiting for the boss to arrive. damnit, where are my elf ears..?

last thing, i am sad about something tonight, a certain viking is trekking on out of my life & i just have trouble to say good bye....but a thousand tears won't change the fact that if i were a nick cave song, i would be "nobody's baby now"...i wish him well. i love him.

Friday, May 19, 2006

"don't let me down"

full disclosure, i have been on a mighty 70's music kick. somehow it calms me down & helps me to focus. a new development, to be sure. anyway, i have been hitting the ground running as of late, and to get everything done, if it must be to a soundtrack of bad company or aerosmith, well you'll understand.
heading out on my mini-tour of the east coast, new york city, baltimore & DC/virginia. not really ready, but will be. whatever i forget, it will not really matter. why? cause you can get anything you want in NYC. Balticon is going to be off the charts, i am such a comic book nerd. Neil is in Australia & heading straight there from the plane, fingers crossed for easy travels for him...
seems like all things are happening at once, and the frosting on the cake? Marguerite just announced that she bought me a ticket to Hawaii with her miles, as a thank-you for helping her move. Really, it is too much, the girl had so little to move, but i guess she is due for some mighty karma repay. maybe she felt for us when we were dodging the cars of laurel canyon, driven as if by mario andretti himself.
this week, Cheryl came down from SF & I helped her to serve a dinner party for an unnamed rock royalty. it really was a slice of history, and he was completely gracious & deserving of his good rep.
thank the rock gods for small favors, cause sometimes these people are real robots.
(and i don't mean the nexus 6 pleasure models)
so goodbye LA for a short time, take care of Batman for me & i will be reporting in from the road, running with the pack...
ps happy birthday all you geminis.

Friday, May 12, 2006

crickets & love molecules

it is quiet in the treehouse tonight, jozie has packed her bags & taken off for the east coast.
wendy was here & dabiday & cheryl & i met jozie's sister, miss Patti... it was a magic week of friends & dinners. i am really too tired to make much sense of things, but i am happy with how the photos for my show are coming out & i leave for baltimore/nyc soon, so much on the schedule...& then san francisco with nancye...
although the crickets are keeping me & batman company, i still feel a little like crying.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

my new car is named GHOSTY

i have added another key to my keyring, a new little convertible. it is the smallest teeny-ist thing i have ever driven, and i adore him. not very practical for picking people up from the airport but great for zipping around town. bonus- it gets amazing gas mileage. many thanks to Malena & Miles for their kindness in offering me this wonderful little car. it even smells new.

Monday, May 01, 2006

the amazing tiger

there is nothing more beautiful on this earth to me than the tiger.
we are in serious danger of wiping out these magnificent beings.
i just "adopted" one, through the WWF, and i am going to put myself out there
in doing whatever i can to try to make the world a better place to share with
this perfect creature. any ideas, let me hear them...