Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A ComeDiaN girl living in a ROrsCHAcH world...WATCHMEN! and WONDERCON

Driving in LA has long been known to be dangerous.

Now these fabulous color-drenched WATCHMEN billboards
are making things even more scary, as I find myself dreamily
staring at them, while the road unrolls unnoticed beneath me...


on buses everywhere:

this was a real showstopper, the one above the ?? Tiger Yard Sale on Venice @ La Brea....

they knew at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY that I love The COmedian most, so they sent me THIS version of the collectible covers...

I will be in NEW YORK CITY when the film comes out, and I will be getting no love there, it is tough to get into a theater there on the slowest of, i guess it will be a BALTIMORE IMAX i will give my dollars to.

Now, back to packing up Neverwear goodies for WONDERCON this weekend in San Francisco. I will be working the CBLDF BOOTH # 725
so please come and see me. I will have some special giveaways and while we are mentioning it, am still in need of the perfect BATGIRL costume...

ps am already breaking my own rule of posting same post here and on Neverwear blog, but my worlds do, in fact, collide.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

THE EXECUTIVE film shoot

Ethan, my writing/producing partner came up with a short script THE EXECUTIVE
and we all got together for a couple day shoot.

here, Eth and Drew set up the lights:

our tiny star ruled in her blue silk pjs:

our stars take breaks in between set ups:

stopping by craft service table:

our sound guy, Billy:

our very tall boom op Drew:

our writer/director cuts up with star Sarah:

a movie still (cooked by Lauren!):

here producer Jeff talks cameraman Keith down off the ledge:

me back from buying props:

sushi break!

back to work for our little star:

the executive---all the planets aligned for this particular take: (photo doesn't do it justice)

a cast/crew shot, as the photographer, i am missing...

after what is called "the martini shot", we wrapped.
thanks everyone! THE EXECUTIVE coming to a film festival near you, soon....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


it is written on the stars that my favorite foods are popcorn and sushi.
blueberries are a close third.
but for my sweet tooth?
the donut sings my siren song.

i don't keep these beautiful rings of sugar anywhere nearby while at home,
but on the road, they are mandatory roadie rider food.
they are there every day, really, EVERY DAY.

there is a rule I share with those who work with me:
"if you see me with a donut, slap it out of my hand"
and this Has happened. I have been donut-smacked.

while on tour with the mighty Motley Crue, our stop in Portland contained a surprise...

(here we are celebrating Tommy's birthday)

we opened our sleepy little road weary eyes to pink boxes with amazing things inside,

in the boxes I was to put in the band's dressing rooms:
for Vince, Nikki & Mick:

for Tommy, this we found:

if you don't get it, that's ok. you'll just need to brush up on your Tommy Lee lore.

so while in Portland this last week for the CORALINE premiere (full account here)
Drew and I went to Voodoo Donuts to see what they were all about.

it was a chilly Sunday morning but the place was fully crowded, when we got inside, a line was running outside.
The smell of baking donuts was knock-out amazing. The decor was punk-slasher-donuty goodness.

here is their menu, and Drew was very disappointed that they were OUT of the blood-fliied. He settled for a bacon maple bar,
which sounded like a bad idea even to this donut lover. If you look closely, you can see in the bottom right hand the price for what they sent on over to the Crue, do you get it?

here is the sweet perfection that I chose, a plain cake with chocolate frosting...can you taste it?

more Portland adventures, next installment....

Monday, February 09, 2009


so, to avoid confusion and double posting---or double commenting,
this FURRY TIGER blog will be anything non-Neverwear related.
I mean, lots of things will STILL be Neverwear related, if you see what I mean,
but this will be a place to look for my tour blog or for example, my Portland
VACATION stories, but I am separating the two. Sorta like the two kids that sit together
and giggle in the back of class.
They will do much better in their work and can play together on their own time....!
thanks for your time and soon up here will be a whizbang-up review of Portland proper,
and on Neverwear, some more great shots of people wearing/using their Neverwear.
(and announcements of some more poster winners)
xoxo Kitty

(beautiful art from the Portland hotel--by glass artist (tim) CHILINA