Friday, December 23, 2005

frosting brownies & making hummus

christmas eve--
i am here at my family home, the one I used to sneak out of so many late nights of my youth... where i played soccer in the yard, and rollerskated in the driveway, cried over boys & did math homework. my dad & i built a darkroom in the basement & that is where i spent many hours thinking & printing.

my parents are so fun to hang out with, have been challenging my father to backgammon (& winning by the way, i am a lucky dice-rollah). He has let his hair grow out quite long & i said, what gives? even though i very much like long hair. my dad, he tells me his barber died..he cracks me up. when i asked him what he was getting mom, he said, nothing, because she didn't use what i got her last year. of course i played along, and said, well dad, what did you get her? he said, a cemetary plot. that's my parents for you. a hilarious couple that still holds hands after 50 years of marriage.

went to my brother's house, we watched some sopranos, and he helped me with my website. bill is really amazing, someone i always looked up to and wanted to hang out with since i was littler than him. now i finally can.

have been going through old photos & memories. was in baltmore for a bit, visiting with my best friend anne, we went to see the new harry potter & threw popcorn around. we went to a big warehouse party & hung out by the bonfire, me & my girl buddies. I miss them, being in California. if you have a couple real friends, you have all the riches you need. yes, this sounds cornball, but i would say, the only thing i know to be true.

ok, well me gotta go finish my duties. i am assigned to bring the hummus/veggy tray & i also baked some brownies, gotta go frosten them. is frosten a word??
happy 2006, gonna be the chinese year of the dog..(.can i get a woof woof?!)
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