Wednesday, October 24, 2007

cloud covering the moon...

the sky has been dark with a strange yellow light, giving even morning sun an evening feel.
the fires are burning, ash is everywhere in the air, i got into my car & it was coated in white crumbly ash, inside & out.
people are losing their homes and all i can hear is the sound of helicopters. It is burning hot in the air. BAtman sits, watching & listening, out the window. He knows something is wrong out there.

this will be a brief blog and i am addressing things on many levels: be grateful for what this life has offered.
life can end from one second to the next. be present. the problems that you think are big, they are small.

this will pass like a cloud covering the moon. Don't feel despair, my friends, make this life count.
i am grateful for every day i wake up.
signed, a four leaf clover of a girl...


Yoga Gal said...

You're so correct Girl Friend! Count your blessing! I always wanted to live on a hillside but now, even if I won millions in the lotto I would remain an inland dweller! Scary stuff! Don't use a cloth to wipe off the ash on your car; it can scratch your paint job, that's what the news said today. Also, try not to spend too much time outdoors for a while, that ash gets into our lungs! I've been coughing all week but then I already have weak lungs. Be careful Love. By the way how is Batman? Read now you had to take the kitty into Kitty ER? I started writing my local legend ghost stories again on my blog. Check it out. I plan on going to the Pasadena's Huntington Library for some research on some of the names I found at the old graveyard in Altadena. Take care! Love!

Dan Guy said...

I know I'm blessed beyond reason. Any problems I have are tiny.

spacedlaw said...

Lovely post, Cat.

ebhanso said...

And then a plane banking ever so gracefully into a climbing chandelle; it's payload effervesing like champagne from niagra falls, though from a smaller but appreciated source.."it won't be enough..we tried though"-said the pilot