Saturday, November 03, 2007


I am still literally off-balance from this film-going experience. STUNNING!
Saw the rough cut in 2D with Neil a couple weeks ago in the Paramount screening room on the lot, and i was amazed by it then, by the way the story unfolds, by the way the characters became so real, by the way that my secret vision of how life was like in old Denmark came to life on screen--by the fact that I have a major crush on an animated character---*sigh.

However, seeing it in 3-D IMAX with the glasses and all at the press screening---
i could barely speak after viewing. This is a milestone. I was astonished, and can't get my mind off of it. A true new wave of technology has arrived. We all slugged through Beowulf in high school english class, and i must admit I have always had a strong affinity for the Scandinavian lands. The Viking life just appeals to my Irish roots. It's in my DNA. Ray Winestone is so powerful, Hopkins, Penn, but Crispin Glover takes the prize. His Grendel is a beautifully nuanced "monster", the poor guy just wanted a little peace & quiet!
i nominate him best supporting. and A. Jolie, she took the piece home. Beauty in the most dangerous form. The big premiere is on Monday. more soon.
all i can say, make the extra effort to see it in 3-D IMAX.
BEOWULF:take a look!


Yoga Gal said...

You and those Vikings! You are just too cute, got another guinea pig to keep Loki company and I named him Thor! Hope you don't mind. I've heard wonderful things about the look of the film Beowulf. I know some people who work at the studio. As a matter of fact I got an offer for tickets for Monday night's premiere but I passed. I don't like such events and much rather see it some quiet afternoon in a local thearter with my over priced popcorn and among a few people. I gather you're attending the big event. I hope you have a good time. Oh, take some pics! Love you!

Dan Guy said...


I want to see Beowulf in all of its glory in IMAX 3D, but the nearest theater playing it is four hours away. Bah.

I told my grandma to try to hold on until next week, because the theater is near her, but she went and died last night. Bah!

Rubius said...

Stunning is right.