Sunday, October 14, 2007

the legendary Rick Baker

i grew up loving every kind of horror movie, tv show, charles addams cartoon, creepy comic books (thanks to my brother!)--
Halloween just lives in my heart. When Malena sent me an invitation for Miles' group artshow being held at Rick Baker's Sinovation Studios, it was like getting an invitation to Valhalla.
The studio was tricked out like a graveyard, and there were pieces there by my hero Bernie Wrightson, Dan Brereton (*sigh)
and William Stout, to name a few...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket An artist new to me whose work i was drawn to like a magnet was Ragnar, simple graphite drawings on paper, but it struck me in the heart, thunderbolt-like. There was a video loop of Michael Doughtery's upcoming scary "Trick r Treat"--oh yeah! and let's not forget the letter-perfect
Miles Teves
Here are Red & Charle by the classic portrait Miles did of Malena, can you see it in the lower right hand corner?
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here Charle photographs the display of movie masks (Miles did the green one for the film "Legend")
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Then we went upstairs into Mr. Baker's private viewing room, no photos allowed, sorry. It was truly an education in movie magic. From American Werewolf in London to Men in Black to Nutty Professor, Batman to Ed Wood, the models were on display. I will always be grateful for Miles inviting me. As we came down the spiral staircase after the tour, Rick Baker himself was at the bottom, I gave him my best million-dollar smile & said my thank yous. He was a true gentleman.
Here is a photo of Miles & cowboy boot-wearin' uberartist Coop & Malena & Miss Ruth, getting herself struck by a bolt...
a truly great night.
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Dan Guy said...

Woo! Party at Rick Baker's! That is so, so awesome. Yay for Malena and Miles! I'm so vicariously pleased for you.

Yoga Gal said...

I envy you so! It looked like a wonderful party!

spacedlaw said...

Sounds like a wonderful party!
Thanks for pictures.

Malena said...

yeah baby! It was a total blast! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU on Tuesday! Kitty is 30, or are you 29? I forget. Miss Sexy thing! More party photos on my blog.

Yoga Gal said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Kat! I met your handsome bofriend while he was working at the Neverwear booth at the ComicCon. He was sweet and charming, you two make a cute couple!

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