Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BEOWULF, baby & things to watch for...

The trailer for BEOWULF is up on the front page of Paramount's website. whoop!
this film is holding great fascination for me. when i saw the 3-D clips @ comicon, it was truly jaw-dropping.
it is like a shiny present under the tree...
us & uk release date: NOVEMBER 16th...

take a look:

and Neil has won the big Spike TV/SCREAM/Comicon 2007 ICON award,
the award that was presented to Frank Miller last year.
(am very proud of Boss, he has had a non-stop year....)

this year, Scream is taping at the Greek Theater right in my neighborhood.
also they are doing an Alice Cooper tribute...w/ozzy, zombie, slash, joe perry & more--Halloween is coming early!
what to wear...oh dear.
for a quick clip of last year's award show:

The show is airing on October 23rd on Spike

also coming up next week, a 3-D viewing of Nightmare before Christmas @ the El Capitan and a big Rick Baker Halloween artshow & a Simpsons table read...finally a real holiday for me.
am usually out on the road at this time--a first!

Last time I was home for Halloween, i turned on the TV to see "13 Nights of Fright" that Neil was hosting with Malena...
for a teeny look at that:

will take photos...i promise.
ps who knows how i can make this these links active? signed, your friendly neighborhood luddite


spacedlaw said...
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spacedlaw said...

I thought cutting it in 3 bits would work but we need to be more devious here.

a href
The address of the link
The name you want to give it

All attached.
I hope this works.
In desperation, go there (I hope this is a public thing) to learn more about HTML...

Yoga Gal said...

I saw a few clips at the comic con and it does look amazing!