Friday, March 24, 2006

the undead beauty of Lorrainea'Malena

here is a sample from our photo shoot the other night-
these two ladies are going to be the musical guest @ this year's Balticon: May 26-29
so happy to be visiting my favorite hometown with L'aM...!
we are working madly on the merch for the show...
Malena is an amazing make-up artist as well,
look at miss Medium Cool's work:
her husband Miles is responsible for some of the finest in monster movie conceptual design, make-up, modeling, & mayhem. his site is:
i love to go and browse there when i am feeling uninspired, he is so shockingly good.
i can't believe the fabulous Lorraine is playing a gig tonight straight off the plane, but that is the life of the undead...

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