Monday, March 13, 2006

sopranos, baby

it was a loooong wait, but finally, the show is back. I am not one for too much tv,
but i did get hooked on this show. the writing, the acting, the surprises,
won't go into details, don't want to spoil anything, but this was not a traditional
first-episode-of-the-season sleeper like the have done in the past. amazing work.

meanwhile am still feeling the affect of Mercury retrograde, just trying to not kick too
much. it just means that things take a bit longer to accomplish & communications
can be slow & may need repeating. so i am going to crawl in the cave with a library
book & wait it out. of course, Good things do happen during this time,
i was invited to be part of a BIG artshow on June 11th @ evidence gallery
in west hollywood, one i am very excited about doing.

thursday i work down in long beach on the korn/mudvayne show, while Mimi flies to
exotic overseas locales. trying not to be too sad about Mimi leaving, because
she will always only be an email away. right?

Just finished reading lauren bacall's biography, what a classy lady.
when i was very young, my mom would direct me to the best old movies on tv,
one we shared was the bogie/bacall classic "to have & have not". the lighting
in that film is enough to make any face gorgeous, bacall's 19-year old perfection
was ultra-high wattage.
her appearance on this last oscar telecast was difficult, i don't know who was
at fault there, did she not rehearse enough or were the prompters too far away--
but it was not an easy or comfortable moment.


Kitty Cat said...

hey, not sure why my post came out spaced like a poem but maybe i can blame THAT on mercury retrograde as well???

Mimi said...


So *when* exactly will we be out of the woods re:mercury retrograde??

I *heart* you too, girl. Missing you in Paris~!!