Thursday, September 11, 2008

back in the treehouse, another tour over...

this post will cover much ground, as i see i haven't posted since NYC. bad kitty.
the tour is finished and i am hanging out with Batman in the treehouse, life is good.

Jonas Brothers in Madison Square Garden, we did three nights there. When we arrived, the two blocks were covered in police cars, I don't know if it was a drill or because of the JoBros?

nyc w/jonas brothers Pictures, Images and Photos
Their fans are beyond devoted. Every night, countless handmade items were delivered:

the creativity of the fans was impressive, from hairbrushes (email contact edited out!) to finger puppets, they found a way to send their messages to the boys.
this is Misty, the mistress of the Jombies:

Here is a slab of the basketball floorboards backstage. It really was a piece of magic being there.

I got to meet with Charles Brownstein, head of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, he of the charming league of gentlemen, we had a great time at the Irish pub across the street from the hotel.
I got to see Wendy, my partner from many years ago in the Harborplace pushcart scene, her adorable little family came to visit me. (I do believe Haven is a real vampire living in Brooklyn...?)
Michael Stewart and his girl Joey entertained us at the Beauty Bar, grateful as always, my Rehoboth brother!

The sponsor bus was parked out in front of the Garden and it got completely tagged. Even with security around the clock, the fans proceeded to cover every inch with paint and who knows what else.

We were following around several of the summer tours, one being Elvis Costello & the Police, saw their directional arrows in many of the venues:

another being Slipknot, who forgot to eat their greens....

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the Burger King came to one of our shows, and i ran away, he was so scary:

the King Pictures, Images and Photos

I got to see my family on several of the day-off stops, Denver, Cleveland, DC---here is my cute dad with my nieces, Abra & Thalia (who wanted to know if the Jonas boys could play at their slumber party):

dad w/A&T Pictures, Images and Photos

Drew and I decided to have a movie date, although we were in different cities.

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We both went to see The Dark Knight on the same day, my theater was completely empty, until about two minutes before curtain, and a lady with a baby came in. Yes, the baby cried. I almost did too, the film was so powerful. go see it. do!

I got to be an honorary pyro crew member for the day, thank you Kev-o, here he is pointing out how to push the button:

pyro cues Pictures, Images and Photos

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Jonas camp touched down on a string of state fairs. Our gear didn't really fit on these postage stamp stages, but our stellar stage manager Brian did his very best. The crew, of course, had a blast at the fairs. I think many of us are roadies because of going to carnivals in our younger days and being entranced by the carny lifestyle. Set up in a city and then tear it all down...

mister durett Pictures, Images and Photos

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big screen Nick Pictures, Images and Photos

billy! Pictures, Images and Photos

Big Rob (the boys security detail) made us tshirts as a thank you to the crew (modelling for us is darling Sherman from the Veronicas, our opening act....)

sherman! Pictures, Images and Photos

carp Dana & video Jessie:

dana & jessie Pictures, Images and Photos

Jakey and me w/Big Rob:

big rob Pictures, Images and Photos

the foxy Veronicas in Florida:

veronicas! Pictures, Images and Photos

Tech Chris, in action, in Chicago:

chris Pictures, Images and Photos

Ironman Matt and Teeter from lasers, my new friends for life:

matt & teeter Pictures, Images and Photos

I toured with my girl Steffani all last year on Tool and she turned up on this one as well, shown here with Drew from the Demi Lovato band, at our end-of-tour party:

steff n' DT Pictures, Images and Photos

in Florida, with the gracious lady whose DNA powers the star brothers, she was incredibly cool to tour with, true grace under pressure:

mrs. jonas

and finally, me and all my tour brothers, i'll miss you.

end of tour



spacedlaw said...

Why am I feeling like singing "papa was a rodeo, mama was a rock-n-roll band..." when I look at your touring posts?
I am glad you are finally home and relaxing before going away again.

Yoga Gal said...

Great shots beautiful lady, I never liked touring on the road when I was with a dance company and always enjoyed being back home even though I lived in a rathole of an apartment! But you make being on the road look like fun! Welcome home.

Bill said...

Happy to see you have time now to relax a little and update. It was really nice to see you on the DC leg of the tour and sorry about Tampa - I know Michael was really looking forward to seeing you (sad face) but I think we'll be seeing you again at the end of Sept?

Dan Guy said...

Welcome home!! You have been missed.

Looks like you had a blast. Be sure to take time to slow down and recover before your next whirlwind!

I thought about coming out to the CO stop of the GRAVEYARD tour, but I think I'll only be doing the DC stop.

Anonymous said...

Abra and Thalia know how to dream BIG, huh? What would their parents be able to plan for the next sleepover?!
Love the photo of the DNAMama, also Big Rob, AND I'm so glad you get a chance now to love on Batman. Fur - the real living thing, is so restful. hugs from your seester.

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