Saturday, September 27, 2008

cat on a rainy tin roof

Paul Newman, you blue-eyed devil with the heart of charity gold, may your spirit rest in sweet repose.
my dear Mother is the only other person I have seen with eyes so blue. "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" always in the back of my mind.

in DC tonight, with my parents.
they came to the Book Festival with me to hear Neil's mini-reading, a salty, clever bit on revenge excerpted from the Graveyard Book.

Washington Post's eloquent Mike Dirda introduced him:

mike dirda introduces Neil

see Dan Guy in the front row:


Neil signed and signed and signed some more with his broken finger and his big heart.
the line seemed to grow and grow, until finally at five pm, after all the volunteers and all the guards and anyone connected to the festival went home, Neil got up and went down the line and signed each person's outstretched soggy books. The festival was sold out of Neil's new book by 1 pm, which disappointed many a book buyer. (It will be out domestically on Tuesday...)


Next door to us, Salman Rushdie signed away. He asked my parents if he could join them at their table in the author's tent.

I suppose because they so look very approachable and non-threatening...

here is our champion line-wrangler, Tim and friend:

Danth Guyth came bearing gifts of the robotic nature, I didn't even know what he had... here is his tiny offspring showing his real feelings about the rain:


DC is full of amazing museums and public art, this little guy caught my eye on the pavement on 3rd Street:

the day was an unpredictable weatherfest, raining full tilt and bursts of sun, ending in a rainbow.
(yes, the placement of that light pole vexes me, VEXED i say)

finally, sushi at Sushi Taro in Dupont Circle, a lovely dinner.

sushi taro

on to New York tomorrow.


Bill said...

I'm glad the event turned out well - sorry you had rain to contend with but the rainbow at the end was a nice touch. Had I had known you were in town I would have come to see you! Not reading anything right now so I'll be picking up the Graveyard Book very soon. Hope the rest of the journey goes well! Why'd the fish get kicked outta school?

EmilyLady said...

Glad you are having such a marvelous time! I quite wish I could be there.

I absolutely love the little sidewalk man ....


spacedlaw said...

GREAT! Thanks for the pictures. (mmm, sushi!) Have a great time in NY.

Kitty Cat said...

the fish got kicked out of school for smoking seaweed!
sidewalk man was so cute in person, all falt and crossing the street.
S-law, that sushi was delicate and fine))))

Pauli said...

So glad you could all go to the Book Festival. What a neat gathering. I want to get the poster for it, with Jan Brett's marvelous illustration. Went to the LOC website and can't find it listed. Any ideas, Mom? DC should be chock full.
I can't imagine the soreness of Neil's finger/hand as the rest of the fingers compensated and signed and signed. Crampalot.
StrollerKidlet of Daneth Guyeth is so cute. Just looking at the downtown photos made me a bit homesick for that area.

Mimi said...

It was a lovely day - mall muddy, but easy enough to avoid the puddles & mud. pauli, I have the poster for you & will send it.

Yiannis said...

Thanks for the a beautiful day, proud of you

Dan Guy said...

It was so awesome to see you! I'm sorry you had to schlep the RoboPanda.

Anonymous said...

Mom? Save it for Christmas! I love it! You are the 11th-hour go-to woman! Yea! p

FabulousLorraine said...

Miss you Kitty! (But glad it's you tour managing and not me!)You go girl!

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