Tuesday, April 01, 2008

snow, antiques & popcorn....

have been home about a week, from one weather extreme to another:



although there is no snow on the ground, Batman still insists on being under the covers here at home...it’s been a little chilly, which is the way i like it...

batmanclick to add title

now Quiche’s little bengal kitty, miss MIM, she likes danger:


things are very different where Quiche lives, they give you free popcorn in the grocery store (is this heaven?):


she took me to the best antique store (yes, she scored this telephone, which must become a prop for our next movie, cause i can see the movie poster now, very Hitchcock...)


problem is, while it works, it doesn’t give a ring, which i am sure is fixable, any thoughts?

we found poison:


a parking meter:


and can you make out the round green & cream Viking ship tray in the middle distance? yes, i brought that home in my suitcase...don’t remind me that it got a wee bit dented, I must ask Odin for his forgiveness...


the ladies that work there have a Pavlovian response when miss Quiche FabLo walks in the door. they start planning to enjoy big expensive dinners & pay off credit card debt...
because she comes in swift & sure, “Why, that will be perfect in the romance room, how much, you say? hmmmm, i’ll take it!” and my head will pop up from the antique coin section or the silkscreen glass section and say “Quiche! what are you buying now!!!”
she’ll just giggle and everyone is happy.

and this? i found this beauty for Drew...
and for six bucks, a complete score.
not a dent to be had...


if things don’t work out here for me in LA, this could look like home to me:


thanks Quiche, again, for everything!



spacedlaw said...

I was hoping you would post some pictures of the trip!
I can so totally see that phone in Lorraine's house. Those old phones used to have an external ringer which was located near the phone plug instead of being embedded in them (or at least they used to in France). Maybe Lorraine could find one of these in the shop?

Dan Guy said...

Old phone ringers are really simple, mechanically, so it should be an easy fix. I'd offer to do it, but I'm half a world away.

Yoga Gal said...

Love the pictures of the snow! The only time I see snow is when I see the white cap mountians while driving down the 605 or 210 freeway. I love living in L.A.(it's the hometown of my people before the Gringos took over) but still would love to spend at least one winter in the snow. Maybe, I'll rent a cabin in Running Springs or Big Bear next year. Gtreat photos!

ariandalen said...

I could just make out the dragonship plate in the background. I'm surprised you didn't also buy the ceramic blue drinking horns, too.

Okay. So they're probably vases. It's the principle of the matter. ;)

I agree with Dan; the ringer should be an easy fix. Not that I could do it, but it should be easy.

Glad you enjoyed the snow!

EmilyLady said...

Hi Cat,

You did a marvelous job with the first couple of photographs. The effect was hilarious.

And the snapshot with the poison was also funny .... You do have a way of irony with your photography ....


Yoga Gal said...

By the way, where is this antique shop in L.A. I'm looking for an antique tea table. Thanks.

Kitty Cat said...

there are some great antique places on melrose,,,,off the wall is one.
but this antique store is hidden in the middle of the country...a location we'll NEVER tell...right Quiche!!??

Yoga Gal said...

You evil woman! I was afraid that you would say Melrose. They're very over-priced even more so then the shops in Pasadena. As for the mid-country, I'm certain it's very beautiful but I have no desire ever to visit there. I was invited to attend a yoga conference in southern Winconsin but turn it down in flavor of a confrence in Boston. Boston is one of my favorite cities! It's weird but I feel real nervous in a country or state that is not near the ocean.
Thanks for answering my question. I loved the photo of Batman in the blanket.

FabulousLorraine said...

Yes, it will remain our secret. You just don't find phones like that every day!!!!!!

I am going to hook up a line to the other phone IT can do the ringing for both of them. No one ever calls me there anyway.

I am missing my Kitty quite badly this week! COme back to the winter soon, my dear!

EmilyLady said...

Yoga Gal: It's funny, but I seem to be the only Rhode Islander who doesn't like the coast. I like being away from the ocean .... I could never determine why.

Yoga Gal said...

Lady Emily- I think I have mermaid blood for I love swimming in the ocean and let me tell you the Pacific waters can be ice cold. During my last visit to Pismo Beach I was swimming (and the water was freezing) I kept being bumped my playful seals. I knew better not to touch them but it was damn cute. Hey, Ms. Cat I found the exact shaker in a little antique shop in Pasadena!