Sunday, April 20, 2008

beyond the yellow brick road...

We are all so lucky in our lives.
Night before last, my Drew was home for a night off from the Mary J tour and we were driving back from the Ego Likeness show at Knitting Factory (photos to follow)
We parked at the treehouse to go up and get his suitcase, as we were going back to his hotel in Irvine. After maybe five minutes, i heard a huge crash, like someone had dropped a car out of the sky. The car, a black prius, looked like it had been spit out of a high-speed blender.
the driver, by the time we ran up, had been pulled from the car & was being covered up, he was in severe shock. Ambulances and firetrucks were starting to arrive. Still not sure exactly what happened but this black car hit several cars on the street. I didn’t take any photos at night, but i did go back and photograph the van that wasn’t towed, the damage to this van was nothing compared to the prius...hope the guy is ok. We do have a lot of street racing in our neighborhood.

crashed van

anyway, it is truly amazing how something can happen so quickly ---we could have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, only minutes before we were right exactly in that spot.
Lucky, lucky stars watch over us.

Elton John show, i was standing side stage for “candle in the wind” yes, i got a little tear in my glass eye. What a haunting and powerful voice. He snuck off the stage to leave before the sea of celebrity well-wishers advanced and gave me a big smile as he was leaving. a true classic. and in a nice change of pace, the boys of Culinary Underground had to serve the drinks to the legendary star and his entourage etc, us girls got excused. my boss was going to outfit them all in silver hotpants, but instead settled for black v-necks, look at these serving studs:


jeremy & wes (in the middle) are staying at the treehouse with me until we all go out on Duran Duran (which we are renaming Durett Durett, in honor of our stage manager)

tomorrow starts the rehearsals of the Roger Waters tour, another dreamy job for me.

before i sleep, i wanted to post these photos from the other night, Malena and David posed in their Neverwear shirts...(sorry Malena, but it is easy to tell who is the photography king---lalala! ) Miss Malena cut hers up to make some va-voom haute couture...


david betances


and here are the Salmon girls in their Lil’ Neil about your Charlie’s Angels...

salmon girls


Dan Guy said...

So glad you weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sounds like you have quite an adventure of tours lined up! (Is there a collective noun for tours? Like a den of thieves and a murder of crows? I think it should be an adventure of tours.)

That reminds me of a joke!

Q: What is the collective noun for bankers?
A: A wunch. ...[beat]... A wunch of bankers.

FabulousLorraine said...

Ye gads!!!! SO glad you guys are ok!!!!!!!

What magic to hear Candle in the Wind up close like that, I have Elton Envy...Still laughing anout the girls getting to go and the guys in V-necks, hee-hee!

Wish I was there in the Treehouse for the Party!

Great Neverwear photos too!

spacedlaw said...

Good thing you guys (and Ghosty) escaped from the mad crash.

EmilyLady said...

So you lived AND got a smile from Elton John! Sounds like a good time to me!


Yoga Gal said...

Thank goodness no was was seriously hurt!

I love how Miss Malena cut the Neverwear T-shirts! If only I could fill out a T-shirt as well as she can! I would send you a photo of me in my - but I would need to put a paper bag on my head as well. But I love my shirt!

Yoga Gal said...

I mean I hope no one was seriously hurt. Can't believe anyone would be dump enough to speed or race in those narrow streets of Hollywood! I mean I pretty much figure where you live and those streets aren't very wide. I use to live off of Melrose and it was very common that a park car would be hit. Those crazy California drivers.

Rubius said...

Kitty!! great shots... sorry to hear about the bumper-cars in your neck of the woods. Glad about the timing on your behalf though... it is always scary when something like that happens.. there is always that 'what-if' factor. On the plus side it sometimes gives you a whole new perspective on life and everything around you. Hold onto that feeling, if you can. I think it is an important thing to remember at other points.

I love the neverwear pix... great shots.

groan... sadly, I love that one.

Yoga Gal said...

Oh, Cat - to answer your question - yes; you can get coffee in a box. I use to have to arrange to cater some events and you can get coffee in a box. It's like a big milk carton with handles and a spout.

Also, love how you wrote you love the music by Edvard Grieg! Let me guess, your favorite music by him is "Peer Gynt Suites"?