Saturday, April 26, 2008

"four star daydream"

just finished working a week of Roger Waters rehearsals in LA. They are preparing for the big finale headliner of Coachella, the festival in Indio, CA, a night in the desert with thousands of other people, they will perfom the entire run through of Dark Side of the Moon---
i was to be there, but Duran Duran distracted me from the path (sorry MG!)

this crew was one of the friendliest and truly happy. this indicates that their leader is a kind and benevolent one.
it was like high school reunion, with everyone trading road stories.
the stage manager and production manager, personal favorites, i toured with on motley crue & on perfect circle. Renee was on motley and tool with me. she was visiting here with her Kiss tour. A few people were coming to see the dress rehearsal as they ran through with pyro and full video cues. Mr Durett & Jr also came to watch.

this prism pyramid will be lit up in the sky of over the crowds.

this pig has gorgeously glowing red light eyes, he floats during Sheep...

Roger wrote a song about his travels in the Middle East as a young man, and it is a deeply touching story of him being helped by some very poor kind souls, the video on the giant rear screen is a comic book version of the story/song. When i saw him at Hollywood Bowl last summer with Red, it was theater in force. these photos doesn't do it justice. The second one shows the violinist who also plays on "comfortably numb", Lorraine, you would have loved her. The three back-up singers were so beautiful and so full of voice, it brought tears to my eyes. They also do "set the controls from the heart of the sun", the best song in the old PF catalog, so say i.

you can see how few people were in the arena, how intimate the show was. At one point Roger walked out to the crowd to inspect the video screens and how it presented on "time", which is one of my favorite songs off Dark Side. He was a true gentleman, dining with his crew and just being one of the boys, which was a pure and lovely thing to see. Best of all, his politics are dead left, he dares to speak his mind in a post-dixie chicks environment of fear. yes, gentleman, as i stated, but also a fearless talent that can communicate in multiple mediums of art. I was renewed like a battery being charged. Let me say, one of the best weeks of my working life. Thank you from my heart. leaving on Duran Duran on monday, will check in soon.


Chris said...

"Pardon me, Mac, but could you please direct me to the Coachella Valley and the Carrot Festival... therein?"

Kitty Cat said...

ladies and gentleman, MY BROTHER, sooper genius.
i love that you read my blog.
where at my sister & other brother, from another planet??

Kitty Cat said...

my other brother brings up a good observation, am i showing too much backstage? well, there are lots of things i wouldn't post, like pass sheets.
do think it would make people want to see the show--
i will of course comply if someone asks me to take down a photo, but i made these so low res, they aren't very good--thanks for looking out, like always, big bro...

spacedlaw said...

That looks like a GREAT show, Kitty.

Good point about confidentiality and stuff but the pictures are actually making me want to see the show because it looks so magic. They are like a teaser. It's not as if you had filmed the entire thing and put that video on YouTube.

EmilyLady said...

What a truly awesome adventure you are having, Cat. Keep us posted.


FabulousLorraine said...

GODS! I wish I had been there. I would have killed to be that violenist. To play on Comfortably Numb????

Oh Yes.

Thanks for posting photos!

You 80's week has spawned some fine ideas, and now it looks like you me and Kimbo are going to see HEART this summer! You do good work!!!!

Rubius said...

Damn that must have been fun!!!

Love PF... love the backstage stuff.