Monday, October 18, 2010

at last...

it has been far too long in between journal entries---

Quiche has always told me, just go little, don't have to tell the whole story,but did i listen...hmm......

spent the whole summer out on the Lady Gaga tour, a truly dazzling tour.
ran the gauntlet with crew that i now consider friends for life.
we signed bullet-proof non-disclosure forms, so I didn't blog at all,
but i will say it was an amazing run.
someone in Minneapolis made these gorgeous cupcakes for our Lady...

here's my Dad in his Gaga crew tee...


during the tour, on the days off, we were planning our wedding, from hotel room after hotel room...
city to city. Drew is out with the Roger Waters tour, so it was a mash-up of coordinating time zones...

While in town for the Los Angeles Gaga shows, miss Pam, the ComicCon queen, brought me a present from the amazing artist Michael Zulli, wrapped in a little cube of a box, a gift for Drew, to be given to him when i thought right...(months later Drew opened it to find a stunning opal & sterling ring, thank you MZ!)

While I was on the road, my friends, Nancye & Cyn & Janice and my sister Pauli banded together as a major design team, spinning my glitter dreams into a solid reality..
My best maiden, Anne found the perfect venue, a boathouse on the water not a mile from where I spent all my college years in Baltimore...the city lights would be our backdrop. Anne and her ever-so-patient husband Mike let us all stay in their home.
Mike soon dubbed us the Glitterati, since there were clouds of the stuff everywhere...I am still waiting for some photos of the glitter birdcages, even the cupcakes had edible glitter--mmmm.

we ate crabs the night before the wedding, as Baltimore gives us the finest... loads of old bay, baby!



the boathouse lit up:


Nicola and Ida, my glam squad, came early to turn me into a blushing bride—
Nico pinned into my hair the nest made of crystal and twigs (thank you to Perry, Gaga’s amazing wardrobe man)
Drew wore his father's kilt, and we walked in to bagpipe music.


Neil showed up in his “posh clobber” from Kambriel to read one of my favorite-of-his poems,
INSTRUCTONS by candlelight.

(here is a video clip of him reading it, but this is not at the wedding)

we were married by Drew's Mom, Peggy, she did such a lovely job incorporating many different rituals into our simple ceremony....

(panorama by Andras)


(photo by Letty)
i love this one i snapped of Drew & his Dad:

My brother and nephews, Bill, John and Michael set off (very illegal) fireworks on the dock, until the police arrived via helicopter! Red set the mood by queing up Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, the perfect fireworks soundtrack...


(photo by Letty)

the mysterious glow stick trick by Nicole was captured by Cory on "film":


roadies converged:


my Delaware old school crew cleans up nice:


Andras did a fun time lapse of us leaving the after party at Nick's seafood house,


Karin & Bud gifted us with a honeymoon night at a beautiful hotel with water views, the photo i don't have is me sitting in the sand & rock filed parking lot peeling off my knee high boots, while my new husband drags all our gear into the building.
When we got inside, the room was filled with loot from Lizzie & Matt & Wes & Nae Nae, champagne and glorious food:


we are so grateful for all the good friends and family we have---everyone pitched it to help and I am still waiting for photos of all the out of town family that arrived from all corners of the earth...

The next day, after a Fells Point breakfast with Neil, Red, Annie, Willie & Nancye, we drove to New York from Rehoboth, taking the Cape May/Lewes ferry, to get Drew back to his tour...



the show was everything i could have imagined and more-
THE WALL has always been one of my most favorite albums,
an album in the truest sense of the word, songs not to be taken out of order,
but a whole tapestry of story and music. I will only put up a photo to show the scale and magnificence of the productions:

you can see the actual wall stretches from concourse to concourse...

Go see it in your city if you can and say hello to my new husband...

the Scream awards taping was Saturday, (on my birthday!) no photos except that I can say they turned the Greek Theater into the set of Inception, I saw Mickey Rourke, who never fails to disappoint...& the frosting on my birthday cake was running into that adorable Jim Lee, who i still get fan-girl dopey around.

am working the Gorillaz show next week, Jouni from Finland is coming out toThe House on the Rock event
and I am spending a power-packed two whole weeks with Quiche at Spooky House, practicing roller skating moves for the Derby dolls aka Naptown Roller Girls...see my jersey they made for me? I'm Pretty Vicious & Lorraine is QuicheMeDeadly..

see why it is hard to get a blog up, life is a non-stop train.
and finally, look at this terrific sticker that Jouni drew,
I will be at House on the Rock selling them & my comic book magnets over Halloween weekend, come and see us---



(ok Quiche, i am done, i promise....)


Dragonsally said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time Kitty. And here is something odd - you were in my dreams last night. I can't remember much about it, I think one of my brothers was involved somehow. It was all very odd!

EmilyOliveP said...

Congratulations to you and Drew! That's awesome. Well, badass. I told Quiche and the Fiends I need something besides awesome now and couldn't choose between badass and fanfrickintabulous. But it's all THREE of those things! Yay!

spacedlaw said...

Well done! I was expecting you.
What a mad roller coasting life!