Monday, February 09, 2009


so, to avoid confusion and double posting---or double commenting,
this FURRY TIGER blog will be anything non-Neverwear related.
I mean, lots of things will STILL be Neverwear related, if you see what I mean,
but this will be a place to look for my tour blog or for example, my Portland
VACATION stories, but I am separating the two. Sorta like the two kids that sit together
and giggle in the back of class.
They will do much better in their work and can play together on their own time....!
thanks for your time and soon up here will be a whizbang-up review of Portland proper,
and on Neverwear, some more great shots of people wearing/using their Neverwear.
(and announcements of some more poster winners)
xoxo Kitty

(beautiful art from the Portland hotel--by glass artist (tim) CHILINA


Dragonsally said...

wow, I love the colours in the glasswork.

Looking forward to hearing more of your Portland adventures

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading both blogs! Love all your photos and subjects. I agree with Dragonsally, love to hear about your Portland adventures. Yoga Gal

spacedlaw said...

Neat picture!
I was afraid you might drop this one in view of the double posting, but am glad you do not.
And you can report on visiting Lorraine (aren't you scheduled for a visit soon?)

Dan Guy said...

Sounds like a good delineation between blogs.

EmilyLady said...

I didn't even realize there was a Neverwear blog until Lorraine pointed it out in her post about the Coraline premiere! That was a perfectly amazing photo blog, by the way.

Kitty Cat said...

i just got a little confused of what to put where,
and i know that FURRYTIGER is my road blog and/or fun outside-of-Neverwear journal.
so, giving it a whirl..
thanks, everybody, for reading it.

ariandalen said...

Nice! Now I don't have to worry about posting similar comments on both blogs. Not that I did anyway, but now I know it's worth checking each blog. :)

Anonymous said...

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