Sunday, February 22, 2009

THE EXECUTIVE film shoot

Ethan, my writing/producing partner came up with a short script THE EXECUTIVE
and we all got together for a couple day shoot.

here, Eth and Drew set up the lights:

our tiny star ruled in her blue silk pjs:

our stars take breaks in between set ups:

stopping by craft service table:

our sound guy, Billy:

our very tall boom op Drew:

our writer/director cuts up with star Sarah:

a movie still (cooked by Lauren!):

here producer Jeff talks cameraman Keith down off the ledge:

me back from buying props:

sushi break!

back to work for our little star:

the executive---all the planets aligned for this particular take: (photo doesn't do it justice)

a cast/crew shot, as the photographer, i am missing...

after what is called "the martini shot", we wrapped.
thanks everyone! THE EXECUTIVE coming to a film festival near you, soon....


vampi said...

looks like a blast :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing this!

ravyn said...

Love the prop shot - looks like your car is having a baby, LOL. And love the license plate LVNGLG hehe. Looks like it was a great shoot!

Yiannis said...

Bravo - Taking the first step is a win. bravo to ravyn for her observation and vampi is on target. Lots of success

Dan Guy said...

That looks really cool! I hope to see it.

spacedlaw said...

Looks like you guys had bundles of fun.

Katie McQuerrey said...

looks like so much fun! you guys did a great Katie

Yoga Gal said...

Nothing is more fun than a wrap party. By the way, do you know if Malena went to that Academy Awards last night? I could swear I saw her at the Governor's Ball last night, she was (or her clone) was wearing this long red gown. Did you go to the E. John party this year? I could only attend the Vanity Fair party. Alot of people took off to the E. John party later, saying it was more fun.

ariandalen said...

Looks like everybody had lots of fun! And what a darling little star! :)

Sarah Coleman said...

Two days of pure joy! :)

FabulousLorraine said...

Have been hearing so much about this, but these are the first pics I got to see, and yea!!!!!!

I know how much work this was, Miss Kitty, and way kudos to you and cast and crew for pulling it off!

I call line producer on the next one!