Sunday, December 14, 2008

SAUCER madness

I got the funniest email from Jouni yesterday, wondering if we sold any of the Saucers prints.
Happily, I was able to give him great news, this thing blew up---like fireworks.
Neil's dead clever words
matched with Jouni's truly gorgeous artwork made for a grand marriage.
A cyber home run!
I was down to 17 prints this morning when Neil called me with even more generous good news.
As he said on his blog, we printed 1,000 of these and split them, he kept his to use for his holiday greetings.
He decided to release 250 back into the wild---so this will be an edition of 750. Neil's present to you all.
isn't he magic?
We even got a mention on Gillian Anderson's website, anyone who knows me knows THIS makes my inner X-Files fan very happy---thanks Skully and Mari!

some other reviews and mentions:

IO9 the "strung out on Science Fiction" site reviews SAUCERS

I am getting lots of emails from people who are spreading the news about The Graveyard Book,
next blog will have some of the lucky winners.
Thanks so much all!


spacedlaw said...

Excellent news!

Yoga Gal said...

Not surprised about the high sales of the saucer print - it's an awesome poster!

EmilyLady said...

Let us all raise a cheer for "The Graveyard Book".

Congratulations on the sales!


Anonymous said...

The Graveyard Book was mentioned in Washington Post Book World as one of the best kids books of the year in the teen world.(12/14/08)

on the deck said...

great, great news!

spacedlaw said...

Long time no update. I hope everything is fine with you and that you are just busy.