Sunday, November 16, 2008

a week of shows....

Watching the build for the Madonna rig was an educational experience for me,
it grew and grew.


Spent 5 days at DOdger Stadium looking after the touring and local crews that were constructing
the stage. At one point, I saw a crowd of guys fast-walking away from the ball field,
and all i could think "there's a fight in the parking lot"...Not a fight, the stage roof had
some faulty hardware, and they were cleared from the area but the show went on.

madonna big screen

Hodgey was there doing his stage managing duty, i love this photo of him.

hodgey @ madonna

He was out with Drew for the year of Timberlake, who also was there, JT making coffee in the big tent.
Spinky and Abby on the tour as well, so it was a good dose of old friends. I worked the VIP tents, and there was a glittery crowd of supermodels, actresses, etc. My favorite sighting though out of all the beautiful people, Donald Sutherland. He is a very commanding performer, same in real life. (thanks Red for the heads up)


my old boss Britney was there as well, looking good and ready for her comeback. Madonna handed her back the crown...

madge & britney

then on to the Who. Just hearing Pete Townsend's voice in regular conversation, it really got me. i am a huge Who fan.
i mean, a sight like this gives me a real chill:

the WHO

Beck opened the Nokia Club right next door to the Nokia Theatre. I was working the Who, but then went to the show the next night with Red & Lily (thanks Rabbit!) The club is quietly beautiful, with a clever layout, you can view the band from above or level. They are really turning downtown around in that Staples LA Live area. We are watching the map unfold.


lily and red @ beck


I have seen Beck several times, always a master, but this time, he was positively lit up, the crowd was responding in kind.
It felt like the start of something new.

Almost forgot Halloween in all the shuffle. Miles and Malena invited us to the Magic Castle, and we had a spooky night of it.
I dressed up as a Wish Granter (cross between a genii and a fortune teller) and gave out over three hundred wishes. Red was a sort of alien bondage fairy queen, Malena a red-eyed geisha, Sylvain...a religious leader and we had a Mr Hyde in Bob. But the Dude! Miles was not only the most outrageous Dude, he also won first prize in the costume contest. A feisty Dude, indeed.

me n' the Dude




The Magic Castle was full of little nooks and levers and bits and passageways. I only took a few photos, out of respect. You must go there. You must.

magic castle


I walked over to the Marilyn Manson party at the Roosevelt, to see my friend Tori in town for AFI, and we found ourselves up on top of the hotel (this is the back view of the huge neon sign):

then went down and hung out by the pool.

marilyn manson halloween

It made up for my last Halloween, in which i did nothing....thanks, friends!


spacedlaw said...


FabulousLorraine said...

What a fine lot of fun, those shows!!!!

And finer you got to know Hannah from LA Ink! Hello? I am SO there for my first Tattoo!

Chantrelle said...

Wow, a much wilder life than mine!!

Glad you had a good time on all nights!

hadley said...

you wicked sceenster!

Kitty Cat said...

HAds, you look just like a BABY in your profile photo.
and Q, yes, i forgot to even mention that detail.....
Hannah is a sweetheart, she was at the Beck show.

this life isn't so much wild as just busy.
things will be quieter for the end of 2008 (or is that just tempting fate??)

Dan Guy said...

What a busy life you lead, my dear!

EmilyLady said...

It all sounds marvelously exciting!


Anonymous said...

I like the imagery of the roof top and the Who. _seester

EmilyLady said...

How is Chi?


Kitty Cat said...

Chi is still being monitored, still in his coma, but showing great signs of improvement.
we send love daily.