Tuesday, November 18, 2008

my little Mom

Someone with very blue eyes is having a birthday,
and it is a milestone.
SInce we ladies stick together, I won't say how old she is turning
but let's just leave it at: my Mom is amazing.

here she is at my brother's wedding:

and here she is with my sister on the boat she won (luck o' the Irish) :

at the old Ninth Life location:

No wonder my Dad married her, *wolf whistle!

Happy birthday, Aliki!
your #3 kid


spacedlaw said...

Wow, what a cutie! Happy (belated) birthday.

Mimi said...

one time after you left I noticed that picture was gone off the desk......but I have the other of the pair, the one of you. thanks for all the wishes, what a lovely birthday greeting.

Kitty Cat said...

yes Mom, i swapped it, and now your picture lives in the treehouse, watching all the antics, and sometimes i actually have to avert your eyes. HAHA only kidding.

Happy birthday and Spaced-L, girl, you are right on time, it is today. Thanks for the kind wishes.
ONly wish you were here, MOmmY!
(hey where are all the other siblings?)

Lysandwr said...

Happy Birthday to Kitty's Mum!!

Chantrelle said...

She's beautiful, stunning! You have great genes :)
Happy Birthday Kitty-mom!

Kitty Cat said...

me Mom is a retired librarian, and always had the best books on the shelves. We grew up with a reverence for the book. Thanks for that, Mom!

Rubius said...

Happy Birthday.

You certainly did a fantastic job with your lovely daughter.

Feel the love.

FabulousLorraine said...

Happy Birthday to Kitty's Mum!!!!!!

You did really well with our Kittycat, we likes her lots we do!

Xtopher said...

Very touching! Having a strong family is a VERY good thing!!! I hope all is well -- take care!!!

Neil said...

Happy Birthday Kitty's mum!



Mimi said...

my goodness, thanks to all for all the kudos.

Dan Guy said...


It was a pleasure meeting your Mom on the Mall. Happy belated Birthday!

Bill said...

Oh way to go Cat. Now what am I going to do? I guess you move up a notch for this blog. I'm so backed up with important blogs that I just can't seem to get uploaded and you go and put up the Mother of all blogs - I mean the Mom of all blogs...for our mom-o. She's the greatest and you're pretty decent yourself. nicely done - and Mom...Happiest of birthdays and I hope dinner was wonderful!

EmilyLady said...

She is very beautiful. Happy Birthday to her.


Pauli said...

Those Irish blue eyes - and that smile that goes on forever! She's our Mom! Mistaken for Leslie Caron, fired up personal advocate for each of her kiddos, the darling of the Greeks, and a newspaper junkie. Not to mention she cooks like no one's business. Some of my favorites are yogurt (which she's made in a big pan with towel wrapped around it for yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaars), spanakopita, and date pinwheel cookies. MMmmm. Besides a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a Woman!

Dragonsally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kitty-Mum.

Echos... said...

I guess I am late but I want to say Happy Birthday Kitty's mama!
You got great kids, obviously!