Saturday, June 28, 2008


today is the Malena Midnight event---

Ventura Place

12053 Ventura Place

Studio City, CA 91604


Malena will be doing her psychic readings and selling her designs,
I will be there with Lorraine as back up, and I will be reading the tarot cards---
and we wil have sparkly jewels and many treats.
Quiche made bat cookies, which i feel it is not too early to eat at this point---

Please join us, four pm until midnight or so---


EmilyLady said...

That sounds like enormous fun! I will close my eyes and pretend I'm there. Have a wonderful time!


Dan Guy said...

Let's think about this:
[1] free wine
[2] chocolate (possibly free)
[3] Malena (not free)
[4] psychic readings
[5] designs by Malena
[6] tarot readings by Kitty
[7] bat cookies from Quiche

Wow. What a night!!

Yoga Gal said...

I'm pleased that you and Malena took my advice on giving free wine. I hope all went well. I planned on attending but I got very ill that day. I attended a yoga workshop that morning, we did a lot twists and half way through the workshop I got very ill, couldn't stop vomiting! I was so dizzy a friend had to drive me home. I plan on going to the doctor this Monday. I hope all went well at the big event!

Pauli said...

I hope all went well, and that yoga gal gets well quickly, too. Can't WAIT to see you in CO, Kitty.