Sunday, February 03, 2008

new orleans to LA in 3 days....

we did it.
from mardi gras to superbowl to home.
here are some photos...
i flew into New Orleans on thursday,
on the plane with me? hulk hogan.
just so happened he was to be king of bacchus.
my airplane was nuts, they were all taking photos of the old wrestler.
who knew how popular he was? didn't realize....

Red picked me up at the airport
and we went into town.
weather conditions cancelled the first parade of the weekend,
so we went across teh street from our hotel to meet
our friend judd in town wtih kevin costner,
who was representing the endemyion (sp?) crew.

beads were being thrown from balconies.

we went to the dungeon, where Red got proposed to.

next day we got up and had a little gumbo in the quarter before pushing off.

this one is for the psychic mlle. Malena:


we headed off on the I-10 west and stopped off to see Miss Abby, home on a break from bon jovi tour.
she took us to the LSU campus to introduce us to Mike, the tiger, who was snoozing in the sun. he stole my heart:


we had perfect sandwiches here on the recommendation of Scotty:


we mostly followed the bad weather, here was the fallen sign of our cheap hotel in texas:


then we stopped in the caves of sonora, for a little tour. peacocks greeted us in the parking lot, fearless birds.


the caves were warm, humid and dark. our guide was very imformed, and i had never really been that far into a cave before.
he said that the show caves were very controversial because of man altering nature. i understand that argument, but i was very grateful to have been able to visit a site like that.



this was called the horseshoe lake--my favorite spot in the cave:


the hotels were different than on tour, our shampoo came in soy sauce packets:


it was a good and easy trip for the most part, we stopped and photographed things all along the way.
we saw a serious accident in phoenix, right as the superbowl was starting, hope they are ok.
the sunsets were beautiful and we only ran into some rain in california...



the skyline coming into hollywood, home sweet home: welcome to LA, Red.


Malena said...

DarlinGGGG! Love it! Especially the cave. I grew up going into caves like that. I always wanted to buy one and live in it. (Yes I WAS a bat in a former life) You are so lucky to travel so much. Looks like you had a blast. Can't wait to see you.

Neil said...

Last time I was in New Orleans I had a very nice cup of tea there.

Pauli said...

When we lived in Dallas, the neighbors raised peacocks as watchguards. Effective, beautiful, noisy creatures. Who'd know how it is to go to sleep and wake with their Huh-RAAA-ing? Like something out of Johnny Weismuller's Tarzan B&W movies. -p

spacedlaw said...

Those stalactites are funky! The ones I have seen so far do not have those roundish pebbly things on them (that is usually only for stalagmites).

Did you pick up any of the beads in New Orleans?

I want to cuddle that tiger.

Hogan IS popular. A friend of mine is drawing cartoons for wrestling sites and the old guy is often mentionned.

Yoga Gal said...

Love your photos! Just so cool! But my very favorite is the photo of the Dinosaur (greek for terrible lizard) is that the guy you see when you drive through Indio? Isn't driving on the Hollywood 101 fun in the rain? NOT! Why don't L.A. drivers slow down when it rains! Welcome Ms. Cat!

ariandalen said...

Wonderful pictures of the Caverns of Sonora. It's been 30 years since I was there. What's really sad is that someone broke off one of their signature formations (a butterfly) in 2006, and the owners haven't heard anything from anybody about how it happened or who did it. Even after offering a reward. ::sigh::

InnerSpace Caverns in Georgetown, TX is one of the few that is still a living cavern. There are only one or two places where they allow the public to touch a stalagmite/stalactite. It was discovered when they started building I-35. There is even a theory that InnerSpace Caverns connect to Carlsbad Caverns. Doesn't mean that a human could travel that entire distance through the caverns, just that there might be a connection. (Georgetown is about 22 miles north of Austin.)

Kitty Cat said...

yes, our guide was telling us about that larceny and that now the charge for tapering w/ the caves is a felony. He said that once removed from the cave, that "butterfly wing" would shrivel up but that if it was returned (even now) that they could patch it up and re-introduce it.
why people do certain things...i never understand.

Dan Guy said...

Can I take a sabbatical from my job and be your traveling butler for a few months? I can carry your luggage, run behind you holding an umbrella or parasol over you, and set out a proper breakfast tea.

Chris said...

Hah -- I missed this post. You met Mike the Tiger? Very cool. ROAR!!!