Thursday, February 28, 2008

oscars & wallet chains

ok, in this town, oscar fever is no kidding around.
especially after the three month writer's strike...
hollywood needed some flash & some infusion of cash that parties & prep will bring.


i know the oscars were last week, but i have been a little bit behind & now playing catch-up. been working some of the Eagles rehearsals at the Forum--witchy woman!

two days before the oscars, Drew took me down to the site for a look at the set-up.
the sky was stormy, but sun was giving a strange light. We took the roof off of Ghosty and drove over to the hollywood & highland complex.

hollywood and highland 2008

After a wonderful lunch of sushi & shabu shabu...


we did the oscar exhibit, where they have everything a movie fanatic like me could desire. some of the Hitchcock storyboards from "the birds".

a tv news crew was filming while Drew did his acceptance speech. this year he didn't knock over the podium, he was ready for the short leash they had the (very heavy) award on.

and so. diablo cody won an oscar, good for her. it confirmed my belief that really you can accomplish magic if you put your mind to it. i wasn't such a huge juno fan, the dialogue felt a very self-conscious to me, a hipper-than-thou scene. i thought the stand-out performance was jennifer garner. so very still in the role. go little elektra.
anyway...we looked out over the red carpet, and watched the lighting techs & riggers get things ready for the event.


oh, and look at the wallet chain Drew made for himself...


true confession, when he first told me he made jewelry, i secretly steeled myself...what if i didn't like what he made? but no, i love his chain mail work, it is beautifully crafted.

going to make a webpage for him to sell his work, he has some gorgeous designs. for christmas we got together on a pair of earrings for his sister Heather, i want to make more jewelry with him...!

wallet chain

Malena wants him to do a chain mail line for her collection (
here she is wearing some of the jewelry we did for her line...



Yoga Gal said...

Great, great photos! Your man is hot! As for the Oscars, as I said Been there-done that! And believe me the best part are the parties afterwards! And this year Prince had a party. That would had been fun. My favorite party was always the Vanity Fair party but this year they didn't have one because of the writer's strike. Still, Girl, I love your photos! You are magic!

EmilyLady said...

Hi Cat,

It's me, Emily P.

I'm so glad to know you're doing well (I regret that in my last e-mail to you I didn't even ask how you were).

I loved the phots, as always.

Hmm ... I quite disagree with you about Juno! I loved it. Actually I cried a bit at the end when she was giving birth (something about a girl only a year older than I am, bearing the same attitude as many grown women).

I'll be keeping up with the blog.



Kitty Cat said...

yes, you are right, there were some really beautiful parts of Juno, not meaning to slam it. i probably waited too long to see it, and heard too much about it. i do love Ellen Page & will watch her grow up on screen. did you see her in Hard Candy?
thanks for writing, ladies, YG & Emily.

EmilyLady said...

No, I never saw Ellen Page in Hard Candy. But (having been under the impression that Juno was her first film), I visited the IMDB and looked it up. Her voice was clear in my thoughts as I read the quotes from the movie ....

It looks like a wonderful (albeit rather sad) story. Maybe I'll watch it in a few years, when I don't have to be quite as careful about what's exposed to my three younger brothers.

Now, I wish IMDB wouldn't post certain quotes like "runs after rope and looks down at now haning ****", only they didn't block out you-probably-know-whose name.


spacedlaw said...

At last an update!
I like your jewelry and I'd like to see what your love makes (that is one hell of an impressive chain btw).

Dan Guy said...

Hard Candy was... WOW. And YIKES. And WOW again.

That wallet chain is quite cool!

Malena said...

Drew looks like quite the stud. Yes CHAIN MAIL rocks. I have a little tank top out of it and I love it. You think he has time to make me a skirt? I KID i KID!
Miss you already