Tuesday, January 29, 2008

oh-so-busy (& it's still january)

2007 went out with fireworks, 2008 moved in like a hurricane.
i’m well behind in my journal here, but a quick catch-up is in on today’s menu....

we ended the Tool tour with 3 days in Las Vegas.
On the last night, the Palms gave us the bowling suite (can’t recall real name of it)
and we bowled non-stop---
this was right by the windows looking down...the views were amazing of the glittering skyline
Photobucketand it was the bar-none, best end-of-tour party i have ever been to. (& that is saying something)

My lovely parents came to visit and stay in the treehouse with me for the holidays, my friends rallyed to take them to a Redskins bar here in LA called joxter daly's...i even saw an old friend from high school there, Denny Dixon--uncanny.
and we had the best time. (and my Dad's team won--)
I miss them still. Come back--please!?

redskins playoffs

We saw my favorite merch guy in Vegas, he was out with Bjork, and we met up days later at the Tori Amos show @ Nokia theatre (home of my Eagles workathon).
She put on a brilliant show, and it was the last night of their tour, so we got to relax a little with my old crew. Drew came with me, he had never seen a Tori show. Amazing sound. I can’t get “Secret Spell” out of my head (from her new ADP album)

Then I worked the Van Halen show in anaheim, a different kind of amazing.
The set list included everything from “jamie’s crying” to “ & the cradle will Rock”—they ended with “Jump”---I should have taken photos, but... they are in my head.
Eddie ran off stage and hugged an unsuspecting local security guard, this guy looked like he won the lottery, Eddie is such a star...turns out Eddie’s son, Wolfgang (who is playing bass with them on the tour) is a big Tool fan, he played a little riff from “Schism” during sound check...a rider detail—no brown M&Ms...

New Year’s eve was spent at Coop & Ruth’s—i believe you should spend New Years the way you want sort your year, so mission accomplished.

Then i flew out to the snowy tundra of Minneapolis...

and photographed some frozen bees.

bees in the snow

Neil in Neverwear

(Boss modeling the new “I Believe” shirt available @ www.neverwear.net)

when I returned, Drew was working the STar Trek: The Tour down in Long Beach.
I went and couldn’t get over it-- Go!
It is there until March... my guardian of forever...uhuru! kirk's uniform! you can walk on the Bridge.....endless..

star trek the tour

star trek borg



the bridge

the guardian of forever

I can’t take so much time off between journal entries because i still have so much more to put in here---but I am flying to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (accidently) and will post the photos upon my return...

Next post: the Malena Collection that we have been working on----

look at this beauty,,,,we had so much fun photographing the jewelry on Malena,
more soon!


Malena said...

The Star Trek Exhibit is amazing! You are so lucky to travel so much. Is our little Red Riding Hood coming to live here in LA? Thanks for helping me with The Malena Collection
Your talent amazes me!
Love you and see you soon. Take photos for me!

ThinkCeltic said...

It was the Kingpin Suite, silly Kitty!! Had so much fun with you baby.

Yoga Gal said...

So glad to see you posting your wonderful photos on you blog! Love them so! The Star Trek ones were classic! Loved the photo of the Boss as well , with his loyal hound near by. Read about the ill-fated Kitty hive and it broke my heart! Well, I pray Olga pulls through! Happy trails and keep posting those amazing photos!

spacedlaw said...

Thanks for the pictures, Kitty!
(Even if the view of Minneapolis is really scary to me. Why can't we move Loraine's birthday to August?)
Poor little dead bees.
I want to see more pictures of Malena and of the outing you did together (was that last weekend?).
Mardi Gras in New Orleans must be something exceptionnal. I wish you heaps of fun there.

Dan Guy said...

Thanks for the well-documented trip report! That bowling suite looks amazing. I'm glad you're having a rockin' time.

I got my order from the Malena Collection and I'm very impressed with the earings and with their packaging!