Monday, November 12, 2007

Kitty back on the road...

we fly today to Austin to load in the show and start the winter tour,
i am almost packed and ready. It has been such a busy "break" in between Europe and this US/Canada run,,,,I will work on some past event blogs, such as the premiere night of Beowulf--hmmmmmmm! hello brad pitt & warren beatty--we were trying to convey to Maddy that warren was the brad pitt of his day
the week of rehearsals at Sony soundstages in Culver City was lots of running around, seeing some of my crew again, i think this short run will be easy and quite fun, as well as over quickly...the writer's guild was striking Sony heavily and i would always beep & chat with the writers--go union go!

I had to postpone my show at the Doll HOuse though, but think a spring show will be fine...will have time to take some more photos....
more soon, off to Austin.
please be in touch, all you all. will post dates on my calendar.

here is a photo i took from the plane from Athens to Istanbul..
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Yoga Gal said...

Have a safe trip beautiful!

Yoga Gal said...

I often saw Annette Benning at the Iyengar Studio on third street in west Hollywood. She looks like an average middle age house wife, very sweet and friendly. It wasn't until I heard her voice that I even knew who she was. Still, a lovely person with a kind heart.

Dan Guy said...

(Istanbul? Not Constantinople? hehehe)

Have fun on the tour! I can't wait to hear about the Beowulf premiere.

Rubius said...

yes, can't wait to hear about your journeys, past and future. What a neat shot. I ended up doing the opposite trip, Istanbul to Athens, ever so long ago now. Hope you have fun on tour.