Tuesday, May 08, 2007

carnival girl

i am in new mexico and have five minutes to lobby call.
last night we went to a Brazilian restaurant & had a great meal.
the tour is going wonderfully well, got to see some friends in San Diego
and will post loads of photos. The show is fantastic, lasers & video galore.
No pyro, so i feel a little better for the safety of the band, no offense to the pyro crew, it is just so dangerous.
Night before last, our bus broke down, and it is a brand-new baby, deep forest green Prevost.
Nothing like your home sitting on the side of the road.
tomorrow we go to Colorado.
didn't go see Spidey 3 yet, how bout a review, anybody?


Dan Guy said...

I haven't seen Spidey3 yet either. Not sure if I'll make the time any time soon, I might have to catch it at the drive-in next month with the kids asleep in the back.

I'm glad to hear that the tour is going well!

Yoga Gal said...

Love reading about you adventures as well as your misadventures on the road! So you got stuck on the road in the land of enchantment? Don't know why they call New Mexico that; but I use to love to go to Sante Fe for their opera festival as well as to study with one of my favorite yoga teachers Tais Little. He & his wife use to have an amazing compound there, very Zen.
Sorry, I haven't seen Spider Man 3, yet but plan on seeing it. I did get an odd invite to see it today. I was gardening in a sport's bra, khaki shorts, hiking boots, my hair in a french braid when his very cute neighborhood kid comes up to me and said I look just like Lara Croft a.k.a. Tomb Raider. Sure kid. Then he asked me if I wanted to go with him to see Spiderman 3. I smiled and said no thank you. The kid is a hard body knock out but he's only NINETEEN! I can't even take this child to a bar! I'm a sucker for a pretty face and a hard body but I don't touch children!
Well, thank you for sharing your adventures.

scottandreet said...

Next time opt for a Newell Coach. American made and less apt to be stranded.

sue said...

I saw Spidey 3, effects were fun, and the movie zipped along, but there were some plot problems and character development issues that, given the budget of this film, shouldn't have happened. Overall, it was ok with some sad and funny moments. worth seeing on the big screen only for the special effects. have a fun tour! (this is ivenotime which blogger insists as posting as sue)