Friday, March 30, 2007

300, josh groban, the killers, my parents & stardust..

i just got back from seeing 300-------it was everything i wanted it to be, thrilling this greek girls' blood.
was blown away by the technical & artistic choices...not such a fan of the narration
but i got over it fairly quickly. i understand there are things going on under the surface
that are creating controversy in different communities, but i took it at complete face value
and was extremely entertained. i want to reread it NOW but....

tomorrow i have a 4:45 am call at the staples center for the josh groban show. it will be a long day to state the obvious.
i think it is the last day of their tour as well, so it will be lots of running around. best of all, i will get to see miss abby,
who is the wardrobe girl on the tour.

next week i am working a couple of the killers shows, LA and santa barbara. my crew is going out on it, but i am just going to be local help. will post photos after the shows...

my parents were in town all last week, i had the best time with them. more post soon, gotta print out some riders and do some homework.

oh, last thing, the trailer for STARDUST is up here, I got to see an advance screening, it is fantastic! Ricky Gervais, i love him.
and DeNiro? all i will say is he is a treat. Charlie Cox is gong to become a huge star from this, is my prediction. a heart throb star. check it out, let me know what you think........

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Yoga Gal said...

Great review Greek girl! I love the film 300 as well; your review was right on the money. Beautiful imagery and you're right the narration was flawed. Still, I may not have Greek blood but I'm a lover of history and love that people are aware of the brave 300 that found the battle of Thermopylea! God bless the graphic novel! I'm pea green with envy that you got to see a screening of the film "Stardust", the angels do smile down on you! Lucky girl, lucky girl! Sounds like you're going to have a real busy week. Don't over do it! Did you get the article I send you about Vikings? Well, may the angels keep smiling down on you! Namaste.