Friday, March 16, 2007

home sweet home

it is sunny & a little chilly outside my treehouse window, Batman is prowling on the roof and the crows are scolding him soundly from high above. I took so many photos on my trip, but haven't uploaded them yet...soon enough. The new job is heating up and things are moving as they should. It is heaven to be home..

Was in Minneapolis for a sweet 18" snowfall, and then flew to Chicago for less then 24 hours to visit the Timberlake tour, and then back to work. Librarian girl all the last week, entering books by computer & cuecat gizmo, learned so much...The Viking picked me up at the airport and he is off crutches...amazing.

May go and do a week on C. Aguilera with my crew, have to see what it involves..genii in a bottle, baby.
When I have more time I will get a good blog up, am just distracted looking at a list of business to attend to ---have a safe weekend, my people (the Irish) will be out in full force...Slainte!

ps did anyone see ZODIAC? I am still thinking about the choices that Fincher made...


Yoga Gal said...

"Oh, to be in Enland now that Spring is here..."

So lovely to see that you have written in your blog today and that you're back with your Viking! To answer your qustion, yes, I've seen the film "Zodicac" and it's beautifully shot but far too long, boring and there is a lovely cast but the actors aren't allowed to shine! There is a woman in my yoga class that is a film editor and she has worked with the director and says he is a real jerk and not an actor's director and is more intereted in the look of the film than its content. I believe her for the film went on and on and on with no real dramatic tension! But if you must go well I warned you. I'm in the glow of Spring fever. I have a hot date for Saint Patrick's Day with a hot black lace dress with a slip on the side that make my legs look as long as an Amazon's Princess or as long a Malena's beautiful legs. I wish I had a camera where I could post you a photo of the handsome date I have. He is a beautiful man. Plus, I have cash down on the UCLA game, it's March Madness after all. I going to use my magic fingers while watching the game.
Good luck with your protect, I'm sending you good karma so all goes well with you! Welcome home! Enjoy the L.A. sunshine! Bless you! Shanti, shanti, namaste, om!

Dan Guy said...

I haven't seen Zodiac yet; I may wait for video, though I generally like Fincher.