Thursday, July 06, 2006

"rockstar" taping @ CBS

last week miss Marguerite took me onto the set of the new show "rockstar" w/ mister tommy lee. i must preface, i am no reality tv fan. not even for a laugh. never watched survivor or had any interest in doing so. nor did i watch inxs try to find their singer, no way. but this was actually very interesting, a band looking for chemistry with a new singer. there was even a guy from iceland trying out. & everyone knows how much i love a viking...too bad his song choice was awful. tommy's comments were hilarious, also butch walker, the guy producing the band in the studio, had some excellent points about people's performances. absolutely loved gilby clarke, late of guns & roses, he looked like a modern day musketeer. the metallica guy jason was a sweet little leprachaun. anyway it was an entertaining three hours of my life, & i caught a little bit of the tv show last night as we were getting ready to go out, they really had to cut it up to fit it into an hour, with commercials... i made mimi watch my favorite performance of the night, the last guy, who looked like sonic the hedgehog, but really gave it his all. the girl from south africa too, it is a race between those two..

i feel my IQ drop even thinking about reality tv, but i will give this a watch from time to time. love that T-Lee.

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Mimi said...

These shows are too cruel! (Or sometimes the performance really is bad.) I can only watch through the gaps of my fingers. :P