Friday, July 14, 2006

confessional by the dashboard lights....

well, yesterday was a beauty as far as a typical workday could go.
i worked as production assistant on the dashboard confessional universal amphitheatre show since marguerite couldn't do it. or wouldn't do it. lalala. i got there first thing in the morning, & watched the little sleepy roadie tumble off their buses... pushed up my sleeves for a day of pitching in. Usually LA shows are packed to the rafters with industry needy types. This show, tame as a kitten. LA is not their home town, & so it was plenty of industry, and also a sold-out show...but somehow still a lovely day. Just filling out ticket requests/pass list/and tackled the job of organzing the production cases.
Tim Lamb is the PM for the tour, i have worked with Tim before & he runs a tight ship. It was easily the smoothest LA show I have ever worked. Sherri, you are right, this venue is a dream. Just great people working there, Meesh, the runner made me laugh all day.

anyway, we went out to watch some of the set, i have read quite a few interviews with Chris Carrabas, think he is an interesting artist & i do love the name of his project.
The set was much bigger than i thought it would be, especially with the small crew touring.
The lighting & video was beautfully done, with lantern-like ball lights suspended & an Asian feel to the back screens. at one point the video projected was a spot-on shooting star scene, but not what may immediately come to mind. He also incited the crowd to hold up their cellphones & have a light show for him...which may have been done before, but it worked-- it was like a bunch of fireflies in the night. I think it surprised him as well how many people were there in the nosebleeds. what i didn't know, DC fans are known for their penchant for singing along (loudly) to all the words, i mean, even to newest songs. it was a powerful show & i am glad that i got to see it.
i didn't take my camera into the show, so here is the set list as it is all i got...

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