Thursday, June 15, 2006

off this mortal coil, pierre & peter

in the last weeks, two people in my life realm have stepped off this plane of existence.
Peter Zahorecz & Pierre Pollin. two very different men, in 2 very different worlds.

Peter, i met in LA long before he moved to Baltimore, he was a renegade artist, with a
silent mission. i was at his wedding to Dee Dee, presided over by john waters himself...recall Peter's deep unshakeable love for his beautiful woman. he was so happy with her. how many times was i at the bookstores that he worked, countless. i don't even remember the name of the one by the thai place, it was closed down while i still lived in rehoboth beach, hadn't even yet moved back to baltimore...memories are tricky little sprites, they mix in and out. i remember being in san diego/LA with peter & cyn & jason, and when he moved to baltimore, seeing his first apartment. the sparkly streets fascinated cyn too. the west meets the east. Peter was skateboarding in london when he hit his head, he was 41. Dee Dee, i send you my love. and little Chelsea too.
Pierre, one my earliest memories, was when he & my aunt came back to america from france, bringing my cousin Maura to stay with me. we declared it our room and our rules, we were 4. decided to speak french, french toast, that is. i saw Pierre last year for the last time, and he still had that sparkle in his eye. i will pretend he went back to France to vacation near his grandkids & live near the sea. Maura, i miss you, my cousin. Wish i was there holding your hand.
live your life, everyone. be grateful each day for the small treasure that we possess.

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