Sunday, January 05, 2014

RIP Tool backpack

we got these Tool backpacks as tour swag in 2007 from the good people of Eighth Day Sound. I have NEVER had a better back pack.

not ever.

Sadly, he made his final voyage with me in a few days ago-his tombstone will read 2007-2014.

it's the second time I have replaced the zipper on one of the pockets.


It is now is going off to live with my friend, Jordan. I had to give him first dibs, because of his great love for all things TOOL. (carved dragon from Mexico not included...)

that tour was one of the highlights of my road career, every night better than the last.

stay tuned for tomorrow's thing. and also i got SLAMMED w/item #6 photos, so still lighter-deciding, but will know soon.

it's busy over here packing up the boss. i did take a break to walk in a snowy graveyard though.

goodnight, all.

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