Wednesday, January 08, 2014

and it's over here too...

The last few days were whirlwind packing and sorting at Neil's beautiful Cambridge house. I flew out to help him finalize the move out of Boston. Here is a link to Neil's blogpost on the move.

I loved handling all the beautiful books there... dreamy.

Also got to enjoy some wintertime while in the east, man, I miss the change of seasons.

Walked through snowy graveyards and found some mystery skeleton keys hidden up in a closet near Neil's office:

We were so busy that I got a little behind on posting items, so Neil offered up two of these magnificent postcards showing the British version of the OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE cover.

He signed both of them on the backs, and I am giving them away to two of you lovely readers.

How to win? Send me your favorite quote from OCEAN! email to:

announcing the winner of the Sailor Jerry lighter, i loved all the tattoos, but this one was my most favorite:

a quote from GRAVEYARD BOOK, etched forever at her side, miss Ali from Kentucky. She's planning a whole literary sleeve. Ali, message me a good mailing address for your lighter and keep us posted on that sleeve--

send me some quotes to win a postcard, I'll pick my two winners and tomorrow will be something new to get out of the house.

last but not least, there are 47 minutes left on my bead lot over on ebay, I shall pack their tiny suitcases and print out their miniature boarding passes, it's time to send them out into the world!

happy to be home.

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