Thursday, January 20, 2011

we has gone tiger-crazy...

we went on our honeymoon,
from sunny & 70* southern California,
to the frozen rivers & snowfall of Wisconsin.

My new husband wasn't able to attend the American Gods House on the Rock Halloween weekendbecause he was out with the Wall tour.
For our honeymoon, the kind people @ HOTR offered us a complimentary weekend at the Resort.

We flew out and spent the night in Milwaukee, revisiting the SafeHouse, where we had our first "date"---in 2006.

magic tricks from Chris Ivanovich:

and he gave us a tour of the many secrets:

there are so many rescued animals at Valley of the Kings, from cougars to llamas, lynxes to wolves, lions, tigers & bears, ok, i won't...
we even met a camel:

and OBIE!

Tubbie and Huggie, two of the resident lions, their roars and snarls went into my heart.
Socrates rubs his big face on the cage. They all seemed to want human contact,
my dream is real--

all the cats were so excited to see Dr. Pagel and his wife, they are so bright and curious,
look at this face!!

lovely cinnamon tiger, Jasmine, plays with her ball:


Drew's boyfriend, Obie again, Dr. Pagel has known him since a tiny tigerlet.

Dr. Chris gave us a play toy from the tigers for Cabal & Lola, and you can see, it is punctured and gouged, clawed to bits. He advised us to clean it in a bleach solution before passing it along, as he wasn't looking to be the one who done in Neil's dogs--
we pulled it out of the duffel bag when we got home and Batman & Selina Kyle went BONKERS! smelling and racing around, looking for what the BLEEP smelled like that...

i will never ever be far away from this day. to help them with their self-less cause,
please donate what you can to VALLEY OF THE KINGS.

we drove to House on the Rock, in Spring Green, through the gentle snowfall.

Drew's first time driving in the snow....
The Other Cat, Catharine, had a beautiful gift basket waiting for us in our room.

Sue & Jenny gave us the deluxe tour:

my favorite ye olde moving picture windows, this one was called The Magician:

So much has happened this year and it's only the 20th of January.
If i don't end this blog now, I will have cabin-fever. So grateful to all who made our honeymoon so unforgettable.
We plan on having one every month for the rest of our lives. possible? yes.
There is more over on the Neverwear blog.

tonight we are going to see Russell Brand @RustyRockets, he's doing a taping of his new stand up, will let you know if we make the cut!


Chris said...


on the deck said...

I want to sit with you, when you write your memoirs. Or at the very least, read them. I feel like I got to go to the Valley ofthe Kings with you. You took me there. And I was only going to take you to Kansas.

spacedlaw said...

Awww... Those big kitties are just too cute. Obie's ears! I'd totally squee if I wasn't in the office.

Sounds like you guys had a great honeymoon.

Bill said...

Am thinking you two had a wonderful balance it out by coming to visit The Valley Of Mice and Spiders at The House On The Cul-De-Sac. We're waiting...

FabulousLorraine said...

What a wonderful honeymoon! How perfect! I loved the Spy House!

Makes me missing you and House on the Rock!