Monday, August 28, 2006

thunderstorms, blisters & bruises

it is lightning outside my hotel room window as i look down over the city of Atlanta. pouring an excuse not to leave the room...
two days off never sounded so good. just did a 98 hour work week, maybe even more, but my math skills are shot, my brain cells are on strike and my blisters have bruises.
seven in a row on tour is a difficult run and now we are only looking at 4s and 3s inna row.

My bus driver duane is adorable, looks like a cross between santa claus and greg allman, i got up this morning to make him coffee as he drove us from texas to georgia in oh-so-few hours (again, no math today, ok) we left the venue in spring, texas at 2:30 am and arrived in buckhead district at about 4 pm. amazing to me that those drivers can do that. his last tour he was out with our amazing NEK, and he told me a story of her mouse tattoo joke, remind her to tell it, cause i can't do it justice...

it is going to be a great run, so many stories already, but i gotta do my homework for the boss, and so i better get to it. there is a sushi dinner in my future and a nice long bath as well. My crew is great and i got my favorite bunk back, bottom passenger, baby! i promise photos next time, haven't downloaded yet.
as for my stars, they are a delight, a non-diva tour, nice. haven't seen much of the show, but the load-outs are going quick, our stage manager has a magic whip he uses, i guess.
also got to see the legendary Law Engalls, he was the steward for the last venue, and it is always a pleasure to see him.
Zombie is a very sweet vegetarian fellow, and his show sounds amazing (have heard it, just not seen much, except for a quick zip out to front of house), tour is called "american witch", needless to say i feel right @ home. have toured before with godsmack, and they are wonderful as well, it is very much like the first day of school, meeting everyone & reuniting with old friends...last thing, the pyro is supposedly OUTrageous, can't wait to have a field trip into the fire room. over & out, miss all my peeps....

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Mimi said...

Glad you're getting some rest, darling! Missing you here in nyc.