Tuesday, February 04, 2014

2 shows in one day: The Black Keys

i love NYC.

especially in the wintertime.

Did two one-offs with the marvelous band and crew of The Black Keys. I met Colin, my production manager, and I sincerely hope we work together again, what a champ. He got us radios in one phone call, on SuperBowl weekend. That's a trick! The whole team was dreamy. Thanks miss Red, for letting me fill in for you.

The band played a full set at Roseland, the crowd went wild. The Roseland, sadly, is slated to be torn down, replaced with a 47-story apartment building.

The crew here told me Lady Gaga will be the last to perform, at this legendary spot. I am sad to see it go. Have done numerous shows here over the years, so many memories, right across from the dreaded Letterman load in.

Being in NYC during SuperBowl was a trip. I walked down the street and took a wrong turn right into a giant sea of football fans, I accidentally got into the Times Square of it all!

At the Howard Stern load in, there were so many old friends, guys I haven't toured with for years. At one point, I turned to my left and was elbow to elbow with a still-stunning Steven Tyler. My childhood passed before my eyes--

Wendy's wristband...

for after show food, I ordered the mighty PieFace for the crew, didn't even know they had American outposts, had only had these beauties while in Australia. delish!

We could use our laminates to get into the Foos show on the pier, but I was so tired from walking (upper west side to lower east side) I lagged. Sometimes, you just can't do it all.

I did sneak in a quick visit to my favorite bar in the city:

now I am back home, getting ready to process all the new David Mack prints, here the alien space twins help me with the poster tubes...

they work for tuna.

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