Friday, May 29, 2009

COOP show 2009

it is a strange spring, i am looking outside the treehouse windows to what is known as June-gloom, although June isn't quite is grey, and looks like snow, although i know it won't.
I started acupuncture last week and was given some Chinese herbs, so things are stirring in me, my tour is approaching and i leave tonight for a weekend with my family in Colorado. not ready for any of it, but i have found, i always get ready on the way out the door. A mental shift, if only because i have to catch a plane.

When i was leaving Vegas, the slot machines follow you right up to the airport gate. I am glad I am no gambler.

Drew came home from his stint in Vegas, and dove right into work at the Forum. It is so good to have him home again...

last night was the preview of the COOP new paintings show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City.
i went to sushi dinner before at my favorite little neighborhood place, Zen Sushi, always fresh, always a perfect amount:

then i drove Ghosty with his top down over surface streets into Culver City, cutting through Hollywood.
the show was a beautiful mix of pencils and inks and big big paintings. Many red dots which is very encouraging to all artists in these difficult times. Ruth looked blondely beautiful in her classic black dress, can you find her in the crowd?:

Wendy & Greg met me there :

in attendance were many luminaries, my favorite encounter being Mr. Matt Groening of Simpsons legend.
I walked over, re-introduced myself and we chatted about the table read that Drew & I had attended earlier this month. I told him Drew was a-gog. Mr G. was sweet as could be, even after Wendy's faux paus which we will let her detail to you should she ever choose to share...

Here is Coop getting interviewed under one of his larger pieces. I posed for young Coop early last year, seems ages ago. Up close to the work, you see the brush strokes and watch the direction of the paint, both instructive and fascinating:

Mr Gale Banks in the house!

Misha wore the most adorable hat, so dear I couldn't choose my favorite shot:

She tattoos HERE and she is a big fan of me boss.

Tonight, May 29th is the hard opening of the show, there are still a few paintings left, so get thee over to
COREY HELFORD GALLERY between 7 & 10 pm...

More from the road soon.


spacedlaw said...

What do you get acupuncture for (when it's not a tattoo)?

Kitty Cat said...

i am getting it for a general tune-up, feeling a little sluggish this spring, and carrying stress in my is really a powerful tool in the right hands. I am lucky to have an excellent doctor of acupuncture...

EmilyLady said...

Have a marvelous trip. I loved this post. It was so ... like, calming or something. Sweet. Artistic. Made me feel good on a gloomy muggy day.

Yoga Gal said...

There are great benefits to acupunture, I know I use it but it sounds as if you need more. Yoga (power yoga) exercise and meditation is what you may need. I don't want to sound new agie but I understand and often handle this problem. It's more than just acupunture or a doctor. You may need to look within. Maybe you're spreading yourself too thin. You are a wonderful woman on handling the boss and others needs but are you taking care of your own? Love- geri