Saturday, January 24, 2009

CORALINE press junket part 1

for all you sun-starved wintery people, a view from the hotel where the CORALINE press junket kicked off. I can hear the waves crash on the is gorgeous, just a bit breezy and 68* F.

before the rounds began, our hero got what is called a bit of "grooming". It has long been my personal opinion that if NG hadn't hit the genius lottery and he was just, say, a punk rock record store owner, juggling his rent check and getting his cell phone turned off intermittently, he still doesn't need very much grooming. Looking good, boss. And our stylist guy Tyson really agreed, calling him very low-maintenance, in that tone, where you know, maybe this isn't normally the case in Hollywood. Cathy, who is having a bit of coffee in the background, was the Universal rep, who didn't drop the ball once. Thanks, girl. She's off next to Toyko---

In spite of what the term "press junket" might conjure for you--- for me, vaguely covert operations, with a bunch of steno pads thrown in---the word "junket" just has the whiff of illegal danger, maybe a lost weekend.
Not so. It is iPhone/Blackberry-toting good-natured reporters coming from all points on the globe, to meet in hotel rooms and fire questions at the principals involved in the film.

we began with France and headed south to Brazil and north to Finland etc.
lots of Australians roaming around.
As always, I learn so much while sitting and waiting (this time perched on the edge of a hotel bathtub, with big Pelican cases for the video gear stowed in by my knees).
Neil was telling the Brazilian lady that 20 years ago, her countrymen were the first to put SANDMAN into reprint. He likened Brazil his first favorite girlfriend, which delighted the lady.

of course, the crew filming and doing the coordinating were a little loud as these things happen, so i got posted outside on "shhhhh" duty, and was very librarian-esque with my stern glances. Felt like my little librarian Mom-- ahah...

here Immanuel from France gets a little scribble in his book.

the hotel got a few black marks for bad behavior this morning, which I shall not detail here, but I gave it a gold star on the cute rooms and the good carpeting.
Here is a little Coraline promo poster, I am so ready to see the finished film---
Wednesday night!


spacedlaw said...

Junket is a dessert to me.
Nice reporting! Fun that you had to go librarian.

EmilyLady said...

What an adventur. I just finished reading Coraline to Will, my seven-year-old brother, and he liked it enormously. "My favorite part," he tells me, "is when she says, 'I am your other mother.'"

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Ticia said...

Kitty - I have never left a comment here, but you rock. I love your pictures and jewelry. One day I may get stuff from Neverwear. You are a very talented woman.

(How perfect - my verification word is unrise.... very undead)

Anonymous said...

Major congratulations to you and Lorraine and all the crewfolk who have worked and shown the ALA world what Neil's work is like. Gossamer phrases stick in my memory from each book. Thanks for sharing.