Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kitty in Baltimore, hon! @ BALTICON 42

hello comic bookers, sci fi & fantasy-ers,

i will be selling the Neil Gaiman-endorsed Neverwear and my glass candy bar comic book magnets this weekend in fabulous Hunt Valley, somewhere in the outer circle of Baltimore. Will also have some of the Malena Collection (

here is Malena in her Neverwear, an Anansi Boys design drawn by the amazing Dagmara M...


come get your photo taken in some Neverwear...

about the comic book magnets & mirrors that i make:
my beloved box of comics was damaged in a flood several years ago, maybe YOU could throw them away, but not me...
so i saved them, pulled out the pages that could be salvaged and
I frame the individual panels in copper --made with love out of recycled glass that i cut myself, with scars to prove it...


come see me, i command you.

forgot how to do the thingy where it gives you a live link, but for the love of pete, highlight and copy, so you can find out where this thing is.

meanwhile it competes with Sowebo, which once was a mighty legend of a festival, but since I have been gone, i don't know how it is faring these days.

I will be out in B-more all weekend, then to Meriwther for the Duran Duran show, got to see my crew...would love to see all my old friends.


EmilyLady said...

That would be fun. It's too bad I'm out here in Rhode Island. I hope you Neverwear crew manage to come out here sometime ...

It's not that I'm too lazy to travel. It's that I'm so young and can't really.


Rubius said...

so that's how those great magnets came about!!! I love my magnets (although I accidentally dropped one once and fractured the glass over Daniel)... I look at them every day and think of you.

Have fun at Balticon. I sure wish I could be there. I loved the con two years ago with you and LaM and all the LaMies. It was splendid fun.

Yoga Gal said...

Resistance is futile!

Gril; don't you ever take a break?

Hope you have great sales while at the con!

FabulousLorraine said...

Kitty, we miss you!!!!! Come home soon!!!

Glad you are out there with Neverwear, so very cool! PROMISE I will model for you soon, but only if you do the shoot!

spacedlaw said...

Have great fun! Your magnets rock.

Dan Guy said...

It was awesome seeing you there! I love working the Neverwear booth and singing your many praises when you run off on break. Hope you had a safe trip to your next destination.

Kitty Cat said...

Rubius, i guarantee those magnets for life--
send it back in a little envelope and i will put it in the Kitty hospital and repair! i have one of Danth's in the ICU unit, as we speak!!!
send to this address: Cat
4470 Sunset #339 Los Angeles, CA 90027

blog up soon (sooner or later!)
flying tomorrow home sweet home.
loved to see all my Balticon buddies!

Kitty Cat said...

haha, i am gulity of over-use of the exclamation point in that last comment....
i need a time out.